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DreamHost Enters Cloud Storage Fray With Ceph-Powered DreamObjects

In the beginning there was Amazon Simple Storage Service. And it was good. Soon after came Rackspace Cloud Files. And it was good. Today DreamHost is announcing their DreamObjects cloud storage soluti

Open Source in Action: LinuxCon 2012

I participated in a panel discussion at LinuxCon today with other journalists who cover Linux and open source goings-on, including our own <a target="_blank" href="

Open Compute Project: Can Facebook Help Save The World?

Hardware generally doesn't interest me too much, so when I heard about the Open Compute project I didn't give it too much attention. Casually reading up on the subject a little more left me even less

How To Get Your Ph.D. Project Included In The Linux Kernel

The Linux kernel is the world's largest collaborative development project. Almost 3,000 individual contributors work together to create and maintain an operating system kernel that works on everything

LinuxCon 2012: OpenStack and Open Clouds

At LinuxCon and CloudOpen this week, attendees are being bombarded with cloud, cloud, cloud. Most of the cloud goings-on revolve around OpenStack, the open source infrastructure-as-a-service project s

Twitter Joining the Linux Foundation

The overwhelming majority of web-based services today rely on Linux. More and more of these companies are joining the <a target="_blank" href="">Linux Founda

Chemical Patent Searches? There’s an API for that!

When I think of APIs, I tend to think of mostly end-user data being passed back and forth between consumer websites and various client apps. Automated uploading to Flickr, for example, or consuming Tw

Ubuntu Web Apps Aim To Bridge Browser/Desktop Divide

Most days I have only three or four browser tabs open: GMail, Twitter, Google Reader, and whatever link I've clicked through from one of the previous three. I know folks, though, who regularly have tw

Anatomy Of An Open Source Acquisition: From GlusterFS To Red Hat Storage

<a target="_blank" href="">Gluster</a> was founded in 2005 to productize their eponymous global distributed filesystem, GlusterFS. As an all-software solution

Augmented Reality Advertising: So Close, And Yet So Far Away

<a target="_blank" href="">Nature Publishing Group</a> teamed up with the <a target="_blank" href="">King Abdullah University of Scienc

Eucalyptus Systems Aims For Private Cloud Dominance

Marten Mickos is working on a joke. He has the opening line -- "An app guy, an ops guy, and a VMware sales guy walk into a bar..." -- but he hasn't figured out what the punchline is, yet. Mickos is th

Ubuntu Fans: Humble Bundle Games Are Now Available In The Software Center

If you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you might be excused for not knowing about this <a target="_blank" href="">Humble Bundle</a> th

Linux on Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service: Big Whoop

As much fun as it is to view the world in a "Linux versus Microsoft" way, the reality is that a technology monoculture is less useful than a heterogenous one. Even Microsoft knows this: they've made a

Samsung Joins The Linux Foundation

Samsung, the world's leading producer of mobile phones, on Tuesday became a Platinum member of the Linux Foundation. Just the seventh company to join at the Platinum level, Samsung will now have a sea

Mark Shuttleworth is Passionate About Canonical, Patents, and Space

<a href="">Mark Shuttleworth</a> is the founder and former CEO of <a href="">Canonical</a>, the commercial company behin

Doc Searls Would Like You To Join Him In The Intention Economy

Every day companies are spending gobs of money to earn and keep your attention. Advertisers are collecting heaps of information about you in the hopes of presenting you with more targeted advertisemen

The Open Source CEO: Jim Whitehurst

If you read the Red Hat website, you'll find pages describing their attitude toward open source, collaboration, and more. It reads pretty much like every other marketing spiel from every company onlin

Linux Foundation To Host Open Source Cloud Conference “CloudOpen”

It wasn't that long ago that I <a href="">complained about cloud fragmentation</a> issues. There were some interesting observations

Enterprise Open Source Usage Is Up, But Challenges Remain

I think we can all safely agree that <a href="">open source</a> software development is here to stay. Open, collaborative development has fundamentally changed no

An Interview With Linus Torvalds

The Millenium Technology Prize is a Finnish award designed "to improve the quality of life and to promote sustainable development-oriented research, development and innovation." It's awarded every two
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