Roxanne Varza

Roxanne Varza is the Director of Station F, which is the largest startup campus worldwide, backed by Xavier Niel. She is also involved in the European Commission’s European Innovation Council (EIC) and is on the board of Agence France Presse (AFP).

Prior to her current role, Roxanne was the lead for Microsoft’s start-up activities in France, running both Bizspark and Microsoft Ventures programs for 3 years. She was also Editor of TechCrunch France from 2010-2011 and has written for several publications including Business Insider and The Telegraph.

In April 2013, Business Insider listed her as one of the top 30 women under 30 in tech. She has also been listed in additional rankings by Business Insider, Vanity Fair and Le Figaro, The Evening Standard and more.

Roxanne also co-founded StartHer (ex Girls in Tech Paris) and is the co-organizer of the Failcon Paris conference. More recently, she co-founded, a European tech media backed by Dave McClure, Adeo Ressi, Daniel Waterhouse and more.

Prior to TechCrunch, Roxanne worked for the French government’s foreign direct investment agency helping fast-growing startups develop their activities in France. Roxanne has spoken, moderated, mentored and judged numerous startup events and programs throughout Europe and also helps European startups with content and communications.

Roxanne is trilingual and holds degrees from UCLA, Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics. She is also an epilepsy advocate.

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    Sincerely Rolls Out Postagram In Europe In Time For Spring Break

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  • French President Sarkozy Is On Pinterest. Well, Maybe.

    French President Sarkozy Is On Pinterest. Well, Maybe.

    Typically, when I think of an “early adopter,” French President Sarkozy doesn’t come to mind. The man who announced his intention to run for reelection on February 12th didn’t even have a verified Twitter account prior to that date. Fortunately for him and his campaign, he now has a verified account with over 97,000 followers. He has even made it clear that he signs his… Read More

  • Social Music Games Company MXP4 Opens LA Office Ahead Of Rollout

    In April, Paris-based social music games company MXP4 released a new app – Bopler Games – that could transform the tunes of singers like Lily Allen into gaming music. Now, the company is opening an office in Los Angeles, California to prepare for the commercial launch of the application. Read More

  • Is M&A Increasing For European Startups? VC Frederic Court Says Yes… And No…

    Zong, a company originally from Switzerland specializing in mobile payments. For the London-based VC fund Advent Venture Partners, this constitutes the third successful exit of the year. Frederic Court, who has been a General Partner at Advent Ventures for the last ten years, shares his opinion regarding the exit environment in Europe. Are M&A opportunities increasing for local startups? Read More

  • European Social Games Publisher Pretty Simple Raises €2.5 Million

    The first name that comes to mind when we talk about social games in Europe is probably Wooga. But the German-based social games publisher has a number of local competitors dispersed throughout the continent. In France, one of the names that has gotten a lot of attention is Kobojo, who is behind PyramidVille and Goobox. Well, now there is a new kid on the block: Pretty Simple. And the company… Read More

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    I have no idea if Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba or Cameron Diaz have good taste. But whoever is designing their fashion accessories is also selling pieces on The London-based startup that launched it’s high-end designer marketplace in October 2010 has been getting quite a bit of attention from investors over the last few months. Finally, the team is announcing that it has closed… Read More

  • @J_Pinet Tweets IMF Chief's Arrest Before US Media And Gets Accused Of Conspiracy

    “a friend in the US just told me that #DSK was arrested by the police in a NYC hotel one hour ago.” It was the middle of the night in Paris when the news broke that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the Chief of the IMF, had been pulled off an Air France flight and arrested for sexual assault. Coincidentally, he was also set to announce his candidacy for the 2012 French presidential… Read More

  • Single? Married? It's Complicated? Wear Your Relationship Status With Buump

    Facebook may have over 600 million users but there’s still one problem: all the info is online!  How on earth are you supposed to know if that cutie you just met is single or married without access to his or her profile?! Ok, yes, you could just ask – but that’s not very tactful now, is it? So, rather than having to muster up any courage and attack the subject head on, we… Read More

  • Bon Voyage! Alven Capital Puts $1.4 Million Into Custom Travel Site PlanetVeo

    Whoa, so Alven Capital has been a pretty busy bee this year – especially for a French fund. This is something like the 5th investment that the fund has announced since January, totalling over €8.5 million ($12.25 million) invested in companies like Entropysoft, HappyView, MobPartner and QuelleEnergie. Today’s investment of €1 million ($1.4 million) goes to custom travel… Read More

  • LIVE From Paris: TechCrunch France presents #TCFRecipes + Livestream

    Oh yes, France does indeed have a tech scene. And today, TechCrunch France is hosting the first edition of #TCFRecipes in Paris, an event that will cover all the ins and outs of what’s happening in the French startup world – in English – with some of France’s hottest entrepreneurs and investors. Read More

  • "Buy One Give One" Site Jimmy Fairly Is Fastest-funded French Startup

    Hey, remember those Italian guys who spent 2 years trying to get their startup funded in Italy and raised $101K in 19 days when they arrived in the States? There’s a tendency on this side of the Atlantic to criticize European investors but it turns out they may not be so different from their American counterparts after all. The proof? It has just surfaced that Jimmy Fairly – a… Read More

  • Kima Ventures Invests In YellowBrck, A Foursquare For Parents

    Social networking is definitely no longer targeting just the young adult demographic – and Kima Ventures wants a piece of the larger social networking pie. Xavier Niel and Jérémie Berrebi’s seed fund has just announced a $150K investment in YellowBrck, a Foursquare-like social network for parents. Read More

  • Tigerlily Raises $1.3 Million To Help Brands Avoid Nestle-like Fan Page Disasters

    Recently, Paris-based Tigerlily seemed like it was slipping under the radar. It’d been a while since we’d heard anything from the company that we suggested Nestlé take a look at when the brand came under fire on social media platforms last year. Tigerlily had also caught a bit of attention before, as it was a finalist for LeWeb in 2009 and the Europas last year. But the startup… Read More

  • MakeMeReach Snags $4.3 Million To Conquer Europe With Facebook Ads

    In January, MediaStay became the first French ad network to be approved by Facebook. Then, in the beginning of April, the company announced that it had raised €15 million ($21.5 million) to take its Tap-joy like game monetization solutions international – mainly in the US. Today, MakeMeReach, a similar French ad network, is announcing that it too has raised money for international… Read More

  • MXP4's Bopler Games App Turns Lily Allen Songs Into (Social) Gaming Music

    Alright, who is up for a round of Lily Allen Tetris? Yes, that’s right, now you challenge your friends to various games on Facebook and select the music as well. But this is about more than just background music. MXP4‘s new social music gaming app – called Bopler Games – uses the company’s “automated level design” technology to… Read More

  • Kima Ventures Invests In Astrolome's Real-Time Horoscope Platform

    If you’re one of those people that thinks that horoscopes are a load of nonsense – simply vague statements that could essentially fit anyone – you’re definitely not alone. But Astrolome is seeking to change that. The Israeli startup has just closed a seed round of $300K with Kima Ventures and some additional business angels in order to develop a real-time… Read More

  • Cha-Ching: MediaStay's Game Monetization Solutions Snag $21.5 Million

    Mediastay is a French company that kind of stands out from the rest – and not just because it was founded by a group of teenagers back in 2000 (co-founder Eric Bennepthali started back when he was 16). The 60-person company specializing in online gaming payment solutions has just announced that it has closed a €15 million ($21.5 million) round of funding for further international… Read More

  • Tickengo Closes Seed Round With Kima Ventures So You Can Charge Hitchhikers

    With gas at roughly $4/gallon, French carpooling site has just announced some 1 million carpoolers on its site. Now, its competitor Tickengo has just scored a seed round with Kima Ventures. Coincidence? The rather active seed fund of Xavier Niel and Jeremie Berrebi did not reveal the exact amount invested in Tickengo’s platform, which was initially launched in 2006 in only… Read More

  • Wikio Groupe Closing Huge Round To Become The Long-Awaited European Internet Star

    Yeah, this round of funding is huger than huge. Well, at least for Europe. And while it may be nowhere near Groupon’s, like, billion-dollar-round, it is definitely amongst the bigger deals on this side of the Atlantic. Multiple sources have confirmed that they are currently in discussion with Luxemburg-based Wikio Groupe, who is in the process of securing a very large round of funding. Read More

  • Orange Acquires 49% Of DailyMotion For €59 Million, The Rest To Follow

    Rumors have been flying around for the last week about a possible acquisition of DailyMotion, the French-born equivalent of YouTube. And the first half of the 2-part transaction has just been confirmed; Orange will acquire roughly 49% of the company for approximately €59 million (€58.8 million) with the rest to follow shortly. Read More

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