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M.G. Siegler is a general partner at Google Ventures, where he primarily focuses on early-stage investments. He has been deeply involved in the startup space since 2005, first as a web developer, then as a writer, and most recently as an investor and advisor. Having spent the past year in London helping to get Google Ventures’ European organization up and running, M.G. is now back in the Bay Area, working mainly out of Google Ventures’ San Francisco office. Before joining Google Ventures, M.G. was a founding partner of CrunchFund, an early-stage investment fund. Prior to that, he reported on the startup world as a writer for both TechCrunch and VentureBeat. M.G. still writes a column for TechCrunch on top of writing on his own sites and from time-to-time doing movie reviews in haiku. Originally from Ohio, M.G. graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor before moving out west to work in Hollywood. One day, he will write that killer screenplay.

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Email, Still A Sonofabitch

Just about two years ago, I went off the deep end. I had come home early from an event in an effort to do something responsible: email. I was on the road and knew the situation would be dire (since I

An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Facebook Phone

“This is not a Facebook Phone.” Yeah, whatever. The HTC First is the first phone that has Facebook partnering up with an OEM to bake an Android pie with Facebook Home filling, so I’m calling it

Facebook Isn’t Forking Android, They’re Spooning With It

Facebook is <a href="">absolutely</a>, <a href="

What If The Google Reader Readers Just Don’t Come Back?

If judged by my Twitter stream last week, the shutdown of Google Reader is the <a target="_blank" href="">biggest story ever</a> in the history of news. Of c

An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Nexus 4

This is the first Android device I would feel comfortable using on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean I’m going to, but I would be just fine with it. If I had to boil down my thoughts about

2010 Microsoft Wrote Some Checks That 2013 Microsoft Can’t Cash

The RapGenius breakdowns of recent <a target="_blank" href="">Andrew Mason</a> and <a target="_blank" href="

The Chromebook Pixel Is The Most Brilliant Laptop You’ll Never Buy

“Wait. That’s a touchscreen?!” That wasn’t the first thought that popped into my head when I started to use the Chromebook Pixel -- it was about the tenth. But that’s only because it seem

Those Rumored Google Stores Are Starting To Make A Lot Of Sense

When talking about Apple’s rise from near-bankruptcy to become the most valuable company in the world, people often credit the amazing string of products from the iMac to the iPod to the iPhone to t

The Fall TV Lineup May Include Apple Dominating Gaming

What I’m about to say is undoubtedly going to piss some of you off. And that’s fine. Because in a few years, I’ll be right and you’ll look silly. While everyone is focused on the next gener

A Dell Was Gotten, Dude

The year was 2004. I had just graduated college and my old Gateway mini tower PC was on its last legs. I was about to move out to California to begin my life. My parents asked what I wanted as a prese

Hold The Phone, I Want My Dick Tracy Watch

A few days ago, I read <a target="_blank" href="">Nilay Patel’s review</a> of the Pebble smartwatch for The Verge. Like many others

With Apple, What A Difference A Week Makes

You know the drill, Apple posts a record $54.5 billion in revenue... ...and the stock tanks 10 percent in after-hours trading. I mean. <strong>Fifty four and a half billion dollars</strong>. I went

The Boy Who Cried Facebook Phone

In <em>The Lord of the Rings</em>, when Sauron’s forces capture Gollum, they torture him in Mordor but are only able to get two things out of him: “Shire” and “Baggins”. Over the past few da


CES attendee, why are you here? Are you hoping to see the latest and greatest gadget? Have you been here the past few years? Have you noticed you’ll find no such gadget anywhere near CES? And if

The Fifth Horseman: Samsung

We all know the “<a target="_blank" href="">four horsemen</a>” of tech: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. These are

That Apple/Waze Deal Hits A Roadblock — That Roadblock Being Reality (Not Happening)

Yesterday, we ran a big story: <a href="">Is Apple Plotting A Route To A Waze A

The iMac In A World Of MacBooks On The Brink Of iPads

Modern Apple owes pretty much everything to the iMac. Yes, it was the iPod and later the iPhone and iPad that took the company to new, almost unimaginable heights. But as everyone knows, the company w

Quit Instagram, They Said. They’re Selling Your Photos, They Said.

<em>The real world</em>: <em><strong>Quit</strong>, verb, to leave (a place), usually permanently.</em> <em>The internet</em>: <em><strong>Quit</strong>, verb, to threaten to leave as loudly as pos

Mobile First Or Mobile Worst?

We happen to live in a massive time of transition. The PC market that has dominated computing for the past few decades is decaying while mobile computing is soaring — with the only limit in sight be

I Love The Smell Of Sepia Tone In The Morning

In three short weeks it will be 2013. Someone may want to send a fax to Flickr and Twitter to let them know. Over the past couple of days, both of these services have pulled a move straight out of
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