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Gregory Ferenstein is a San Francisco-based writer and teaches math for journalists through the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. He is the publisher of The Ferenstein Wire.

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I’ve Seen The Future Of Health Tech And It’s Going To Improve Your Life In 2014

I just returned from the most exciting Consumer Electronics Show I've ever covered. Thanks to extraordinary demand for gadgets that make us healthier, stronger, and smarter, the technology industry is

A Gentle Buzz To Improve Your Posture And, Soon, Yoga Poses

Bad posture is collectively turning the desk-chained workforce into a mass of <a target="_blank" href="">unhealthy

Update: Alleged Dropbox Hack Is A Hoax, Website Is Back Up

Update: The alleged hack against Dropbox is looking more like is an elaborate hoax, timed perfectly with the website’s incidental outage. As security researcher Wesley Mcgrew points out, the em

Bioniq Health Compares Features And The Quality Of Health Trackers

Health trackers, from pedometers to smart scales, are flooding the market and there’s no place to conveniently compare all the different competitors. is a new website to compare

Get Reminders To Brush Your Teeth And Water The Plants With The Digital “Mother”

Need a helpful reminder to brush your teeth, take your morning pills, or water the plants? The newly announced device, called “Mother”, imbues everyday objects with the gentle nagging pow

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Explains The Surprising Goal Of His New Company, Jelly

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone revealed his top-secret new startup Jelly, a mobile app that enables users to ask short questions of their social network through pictures. For instance, Stone snapped a p

Immigration Reform Unlikely To Pass Before 2015, Says Rep. Issa

Hopes for undocumented immigrants stranded in political limbo will have to wait at least another year. In a wide-ranging interview on congress’s next session, Representative Darrell Issa, who dr

Sensoria Is A New Smart Sock That Coaches Runners In Real Time

Hardware maker, Heapsylon, debuted two new fitness products at <a href="">CES 2014</a> : a smart fitness sock that coaches users on their running technique in r

Epson Announces Line Of Wrist Health Trackers With Exercise Heart Rate Monitoring

Epson is building a line of smartwatches because…why not? The printer and projector hardware firm is jumping head first into the crowded health tracker market with two new wrist devices for meas

Epson Debuts Smart Glasses For Enterprise And Sports Stadium Fun

Epson is going after Google with its own heads-up display glasses. The Moverio BT-200 is a head-controlled device with a screen that overlays a transparent computer monitor in the center of the user&#

AT&T Launches “Toll-Free” Internet To Let Companies Sponsor Parts Of Users’ Data Plans

Today AT&T <a target="_blank" href="">launched</a> a new service to allow companies to pay for the data Has Trouble Recognizing New Babies

More embarrassing problems for The Associate Press <a target="_blank" href="">reports</a> that the beleagu

Report: NSA Trying To Build A Quantum Computer To Crack Encryption

The National Security Agency wants to build a futuristic super computer that can break most types of encryption, according to documents obtained from Edward Snowden by the Washington Post. No reason t

Happy Email Overload Day! Some Tips To Reach Inbox Zero With Your Sanity Intact

January 2nd is unofficially Email Overload Day, a productivity black hole born from the temptress crutch of overzealous vacation responders. You will get through this. You are strong. To help you cope

How The Quantified Life Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s wellness resolutions are like prom night: a lot of hype, even more promises, and a disappointing follow-through. A paltry 19 percent of wannabe health nuts follow through with their a

How the Internet’s Founders Feel About The NSA Scandal

As the co-fathers of the Internet, Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn tend to be pretty protective of their digital masterpiece. Both were early Defense Department engineers of the communications architectur

“Steve Jobs” Biographer Puts Draft Of New Book Online To Crowdsource Ideas

One of the most successful authors in the world, <a target="_blank" href="">Walter Isaacson</a>, is seeking the wisdom of the crowds for his new book ab

NY Judge Rules NSA Phone Record Collection Is Legal

A U.S. District Judge ruled that the National Security Agency’s phone-record-collection program is constitutional [PDF]. “The right to be free from searches and seizures is fundamental, bu

How A Fabricated Story About Iron Maiden’s Love Of Music Pirates Became Internet Truth

Wouldn’t it be awesome if heavy metal icons Iron Maiden leveraged data about which regions of the world pirated their music to plan a multi-million dollar global concert tour? Yeah, it’d b

Stanford Researcher Proves NSA Can Probably Identify Individuals From Phone Records

The National Security Administration and <a target="_blank" href="">likes to claim
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