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Before he joined TechCrunch in 2012, he founded SiliconFilter and wrote for ReadWriteWeb (now ReadWrite). Frederic covers enterprise, cloud, developer tools, Google, Microsoft, gadgets, transportation and anything else he finds interesting. He owns just over a 50th of a bitcoin.

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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels on culturally aware LLMs, developer productivity and FemTech

By tradition, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels caps off the AWS re:Invent conference with his last-day keynote. A more recent tradition is that he also uses that day to publish his predictions for the coming

Amazon SageMaker HyperPod makes it easier to train and fine-tune LLMs

At its re:Invent conference today, Amazon’s AWS cloud arm announced the launch of SageMaker HyperPod, a new purpose-built service for training and fine-tuning large language models (LLMs). SageM

AWS takes the cheap shots

The rise of generative AI opens up a massive new market for the large cloud providers, but it’s also a bit of a reset. Unlike the rise of containers, for example, generative AI is an entirely ne

AWS launches S3 Express One Zone, promises 10x write speed improvement

At its annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon AWS cloud arm today announced a major update to its S3 object storage service: AWS S3 Express One Zone, a new high-performance and low latency t

AWS, Microsoft, Google and Oracle partner to make cloud spend more transparent

As enterprises move to the cloud, figuring out how and where they are spending their money has become increasingly difficult. The different SaaS provider and cloud platforms use their own definitions

Microsoft Teams gets an AI-powered home decorator, voice isolation at Ignite 2023

During Microsoft’s Ignite 2023 event, the company’s annual IT pro conference, a slew of interesting updates were revealed for Teams, its Slack-like collaboration and messaging service. Amo

Microsoft combines Microsoft To Do, Planner and Project into a new Microsoft Planner in Microsoft Teams

At Microsoft Ignite 2023 today, the company announced that it plans to bring together its various planning tools like Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project for the web into what it

GitLab expands its AI lineup with Duo Chat

Earlier this year, GitLab unveiled Duo, a set of AI features that aim to help developers be more productive by summarizing issues and generating descriptions of epics and issues, as well as through co

Japan’s MagicPod takes its no-code testing platform global

Tokyo-based MagicPod is a no-code test automation platform for web and mobile apps that, until now, almost exclusively focused on the Japanese market. There, it counts Line, Japan’s most popular

Microsoft launches Radius, an open source application platform for the cloud-native era

Microsoft today announced the launch of Radius, a new open source, language-agnostic application platform for building and running cloud-native applications. The project is being spun out of the Micro

Darwinium brings digital security and fraud prevention to the perimeter

Back in 2018, LexisNexis acquired the digital identity platform ThreatMetrix for just under $820 million in cash. In 2021, ThreatMetrix co-founders Reed Taussig and Alisdair Faulkner returned to the w

Adobe’s Project Fast Fill is generative fill for video

As part of its MAX conference, Adobe traditionally shows off some of its more forward-looking tech, which may or may not end up in its Creative Cloud apps at some point in the future. The idea here is

Adobe Firefly can now generate more realistic images

At MAX, its annual conference for creatives, Adobe today announced that it has updated the models that power Firefly, its generative AI image creation service. According to Adobe, the Firefly Image 2

Adobe Firefly’s generative AI models can now create vector graphics in Illustrator

Illustrator is Adobe’s vector graphics tool for graphic artists and it’s about to join the generative AI era with the launch of the Firefly Vector Model at Adobe’s MAX conference tod

Adobe’s Project Stardust is a sneak preview of its next-gen AI photo editing engine

The latest version of Adobe’s Project Stardust AI photo editor already thoroughly leaked earlier this month, but at its MAX conference, the company now officially launched this project as a snea

EngFlow and launch a remote CMake build execution service for your C and C++ code

EngFlow, the well-funded build acceleration startup, today announced that it has invested in With this, EngFlow is teaming up with tipi to extend its services beyond support for build tool

Docker launches remote container builds, new debugging tools and more

Docker today announced a slew of new products at DockerCon, the company’s user conference which has returned as an in-person event. These include a new remote build service, new debugging tools

Yubico can now ship pre-registered security keys to its enterprise users

Physical security keys remain one of the best ways to secure user accounts, but the fact that new users have to register them before they can use them often adds quite a bit of friction. Yubico, the c

PlanetScale forks MySQL to add vector support

It seems like everyone in the database business is thinking about how to capitalize on the growth of AI by adding support for vectors to their products. That, after all, remains to be the easiest way

Dry Studio’s Black Diamond 75 is a gaming keyboard that actually looks good

Whenever I reviewed an Angry Miao keyboard in the past, I always wondered what the company would be able to do if it brought its engineering and design chops to a more affordable segment. The typical
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