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Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He first wrote for TechCrunch in 2007. He has also written for, NBC News, DPReview, The Economist/GE’s Look Ahead, and others.

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  • A logic probe made from an insulin syringe

    It looks like something out of the Matrix or the Dune movie – imagine this electric needle plunging into your flesh and injecting you with the Snow Crash virus. Or something. In any case, it’s more just a case of ingenuity as this guy needed a very sharp little probe to test some voltages out of a few very tiny pins. So he rigged up a medical-grade steel-tipped needle for… Read More

  • Is this WiMAX card destined for MacBooks?

    Intel doesn’t want you to know, but the FCC made this public anyway. That company they call Chipzilla is releasing a new Wi-fi/WiMAX combo card with the same form factor as the one in current MacBooks — you know, the ones due for a refresh soon. Coincidence? At the moment, these cards have no way of functioning in OSX because there are no compatible drivers. That can be fixed… Read More

  • 1983: Byte Magazine reviews the very first Compaq clone PC – 28 pounds and portable!

    I’ll let the article do the talking here. Who doesn’t love this vintage computing stuff? I hardly understand most of it since I grew up with DOS, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS 6 more than anything else, but it’s great to take a trip to the deeper past every once in a while. My favorite part: The Compaq computer is designed to be portable, and although it weighs 28 pounds, it… Read More

  • The Zarva Zippo: windproof mp3 player and 1GB lighter

    Yes, it is in fact both a lighter and an mp3 player. With only 1GB of space, you’ll probably only have enough music on it to cover your cigarette break, but if your cigarettes are an mp3 player too, you’re in better shape. Smoke ’em if you got ’em! Or not, if they’re not real. Read More

  • New Prince of Persia: named and screenshot'ed

    The eagerly awaited next installation in the Prince of Persia franchise has been given a name. Prince of Persia: Heir Apparent got a spread in Game Informer and this enterprising fellow has scanned the article. It’s in French, but hey. Judging from the scanty screenshots provided, the graphics have a new cel-shaded look which may or may not go well, and the character design looks a… Read More

  • Jennifer Aniston brandishes a Kindle in US Weekly

    Who knew Jennifer had such an advanced gadget sense? Or, and I think this the more likely situation, she’s secretly dating a blogger and he turned her on to Amazon’s angular e-book reader. Here’s another shot in case you’re a doubter (she’s even accessorized with a case). You may have read that the Kindle is expected to generate more than half a billion in… Read More

  • Gates gives "In the future" talk, says touchscreens are the way to go

    It’s safe to say we’re approaching the top of the technology tree when it comes to mice and keyboards. As apps get richer and interactive devices become more intuitive and ubiquitous, the mouse/keyboard combo is becoming more and more a niche control scheme. It’s like upgrading your zerglings: you can do it as much as you want, but times change and a couple Wraiths can take… Read More

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    CrunchArcade: "And you will know us by the trail of living dead" edition

    This week in CrunchArcade: OS Mechas, iPhone hot rods, co-op zombie blasting, Mike Tyson, and a baby pixelsaurus. Get your gaming news, previews, and freebies here in pellet form. Read More

  • OCZ offers DIY gaming notebooks, some assembly required

    If you’re feeling brave, and have a little experience putting parts in your desktop, this might be a cool (and expensive) little project for you. OCZ is offering kits to put together your own high-performance laptop, with plenty of configuration options for those who love to tweak. At the moment I don’t see any prominent pricing information, but they say that that putting it… Read More

  • LG and Samsung make friendly in order to conquer American mobile TV market This is one of those Superman/Batman moments where two major powers, who don’t always agree and in fact… Read More

  • AT&T plans to quintuple 3G speeds in 2009

    Apparently, AT&T has some advancements planned for its networks that will raise the top speed of their 3G network to 20 megabits/second. Right now it’s at about 3.6Mbit, so that’s quite a jump. They’re being coy about the actual changes, which makes me suspicious. They’re already doubling the speed with a software update, they say, and the big jump to 20Mbit… Read More

  • Details on the MSI Wind, a tiny subnotebook I might actually buy

    Just reading the stats on this, it looks like MSI’s subnotebook, the Wind (unrelated to the Air) is possibly the best value for a computer on the market today. Check it out, for about $500 you get all this: 10″ LCD, 80GB HDD, a gig of RAM, 1.3MP webcam, 5 hour battery life, weighs in at 2.6lb and built around Intel’s new Atom processor. I don’t usually just plug stuff… Read More

  • New Gizmondo attempting to hit late 2008 relaunch

    After missing their original May planned release date, the much-ridiculed Gizmondo portable gaming system is aiming for a late 2008 launch. Among the improvements touted: a separate graphics card from Nvidia and Windows CE 6. Sounds like a powerhouse. And why should the gaming community pay any attention at all to this ridiculous device? Why should they not focus their interest on other… Read More

  • Humans:1, Machines:0 in Korean robo-soldier tests

    Chalk one up for humanity. Although IPv6 (AKA Skynet) is just around the corner, we have yet to accomplish the other technological advancements that will pave the way for the inevitable robotic apocalypse. We may have autonomous navigation, bee-powered nightmare dogbots, and Aliens-esque exoskeletons, it seems that we can’t create a decent murder machine. I guess it’s time to… Read More

  • Nikon's got a hybrid viewfinder up its sleeve

    Looks like Nikon is set to pile up another advantage over arch-rival Canon pretty soon. It’s recently taken the lead in the DSLR world with the extremely popular D40 and D300 and is now setting its sights on the prosumer range where Canon’s full-frame 5D has been so popular. And if it keeps adding features like this one, the 5D’s time is short. Essentially it’s a… Read More

  • Review: Razer Lachesis gaming mouse

    The legend — the myth
    I’ve always wondered about Razer stuff. Before I touched this mouse, I’d never actually been in the same room as a Razer device. I knew they were respected and their mice considered true precision tools. So I was excited when I got this Lachesis to check out. Unfortunately, I think this has been a poor introduction to the world of Razer. Read More

  • Bootfighter Windom SP-2: Freeware OS Gundam battle

    Does that sound like a spam headline or what? But it’s exactly what this game is. A freeware mech-duel game like Virtual ON, with the mechs named after various OSes, possibly even with some reason behind each one. If you guys can figure it out, you’re a better man than I. But in any case, now instead of just comparing features, your favorite OSes can battle to the… Read More

  • Apple hearts HBO, HBO hearts Apple

    It seems like a perfect match. HBO with its commercial-free, high-quality programming (but smaller audience), and Apple with its huge audience but lacking a lot of the shows I want to be watching: John Adams, The Wire, Flight of the Conchords. It’s no surprise they’re getting busy. HBO actually already has an online distribution service, but it’s only for members and is… Read More

  • Computers on wheels: Microsoft Auto

    These days, new cars have a truly new feature, which those in the industry call telematics. You and I would probably call it an in-dash computer, but what do we know? Right now Microsoft has Sync in Fords and competes with OnStar and Hughes Telematics in GM cars and Mercedes/Chryslers respectively. They’ve been around for a little bit and are becoming standard. What’s the next… Read More

  • Old 486 desktop + ingenuity = dedicated NES emulator

    Here’s something I didn’t cover in my Emulation Orientation a few weeks back, though I did mention NESticle. A couple guys have decided the most noble job for a venerable 486 is to run the venerable NES emulator full time, complete with controller ports. Find out how they did it here (good luck with doing it yourself). Of course, there are much, much easier ways to go about this. Read More