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Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He first wrote for TechCrunch in 2007. He has also written for, NBC News, DPReview, The Economist/GE’s Look Ahead, and others.

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  • Steelseries acquires Ideazon; bigger, better accessories forthcoming

    Steelseries, the pro gaming gear guys who put out (among other things) the 7G Keyboard and the Ikari Laser Mouse, have bought Ideazon, the peripheral maker best known for making the Zboard, a skinnable, customizable gaming keyboard. As an avid consumer of such accessories and peripherals, I’m glad this is happening; I know the 7G was intended to be just as straightforward as it was… Read More

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  • Replace the battery in your Nike+ receiver on the cheap

    Got one of them newfangled Nike+ setups? Doubtless you’re wondering what happens when the battery dies on the receiver. Unsurprisingly, you’re supposed to bring it into your local Niketown and pay the man $20 to do the deal. But if you’re comfortable slicing the thing open and doing things with little wires, you can do it yourself for five bucks. Instructables has the… Read More

  • Drop your phone a lot? Get a G'zOne Boulder

    I don’t know whether this phone from Casio is pronounced “Jee-zee wun” or “Gazone,” but either way I kind of like the idea of a basic, super-rugged phone. My Samsung Trace has been through a lot and keeps ticking, but I’ve seen a few Oceans go down in my time, to say nothing of sat-on iPhones and such. The Boulder’s feature set is pretty limited… Read More

  • makes it super easy to sell your old electronics

    I doubt you guys have quite the amount of gadget clutter as those of use who accrue them for a living, but if you’ve even got half our volume of old cameras, phones, and devices in general laying around you may find Gazelle’s service helpful. Not everyone has a used computer recycler like RePC in the Northwest. And while GameStop might buy your DS and there’s always… Read More

  • Enormous eyeball lamps modeled after your very own peepers

    Jeepers! Creepers!
    Where’d you get those gigantic, luminescent glass peepers! Why, from French studio 5.5 Designers, of course! One simply submits a photo of one’s eyeballs and fills out a little sheet, and boom: head-sized, blown-glass eyeballs “cloned” from your own. Pretty freaky, but also pretty awesome. It’d be kind of egotistical to get your own, and kind… Read More

  • Tiny, simple, very portable 320GB hard drive from Freecom

    This is a nice little drive that Freecom is launching. Tasteful, simple, even covered in a non-slip rubber finish. And it tips the scales at just over 155g or 5.5oz, which makes it light enough to carry in a purse (or murse). It’s USB2 so it’s fast enough for most tasks and it costs around $90 for the 160GB or probably $140 or so for the 320GB. I want one! Read More

  • New thermal compound for hardcore tweakers

    I know “hardcore tweakers” sounds like I’m talking about meth addicts, but I mean people who get involved with every aspect of their computer and care about every component. If you’re not familiar with the term, a thermal compound is a sort of heat-conducting paste, often metallic in composition. It’s used as a middle layer between a component that generates heat… Read More

  • Hurricane Zune Phone continues: Nokia to get Zune content

    The last few days, the internet has been ablaze with rumors about the Zune phone — actually, perhaps “ablaze” isn’t the right term. Perhaps “slightly hot to the touch” is more appropriate. I guess someone just had an unconfirmed rumor, and then some people talked about it. Well, this news should add fuel to the fire! Or, I suppose, maybe a fire will… Read More

  • Awesome: Floppy disk album packaging

    A NY band called Science Vs. Witchcraft is releasing an EP soon, and in honor of (I’m sure) their nerdy roots, they’ve designed the packaging with a sweet 80’s diskette vibe. The CD itself is inside a 5.25″ diskette case and when you put it in your computer’s drive, it’ll pop up with a little text-based adventure game. Looks like someone did this before… Read More

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  • Both AMD and NVIDIA's stocks are falling like rocks – buy!

    Pretty soon both of these suckers are going to bottom out, and since there’s really no other players in the consumer video card game, at least one of them is going to bounce back. NVIDIA is at around $11, down from almost $25 a couple months ago, and AMD has been steadily declining for a long time and is on its way to becoming a penny stock. Have a little extra cash? There’s… Read More

  • Adult-rated games being nixed from some British jails and prisons

    Yeah… those are some l33t photoshop skillz. I guess Don’t Drop the Soap Saga XII and the latest Battle Raper (I wish I was kidding) have been deemed poisonous to the minds ostensibly being rehabilitated by Britain’s overcrowded prison system. Games have been a privilege among institutions for some time now but budget cuts have caused the console-buying programs to be… Read More

  • Spoiler: Three reasons why the new Transformers will be weak

    Spoilers after the link below! Find out why the new Transformers movie will suuuuck. Read More

  • John Carmack hearts the iPhone as a gaming platform

    I like John Carmack. He’s a very smart guy, primarily as a game designer but also in his sense of the industry. Doom, Quake, and Doom 3 all revolutionized the industry, and while id has been relatively quiet of late (Rage excepting), I think he’s got a handle on what might move gaming forward again. Of course, like everything else these days, it’s… Read More

  • Bungie's got three projects up its sleeve

    Everybody has been speculating about the recent delayed E3 announcement, thought by many to be Halo-related (really going out on a limb there, everybody). Well, they’ve revealed on their blog that they have three projects in the pipe, at varying degrees of completion. The idea that there are three undisclosed projects coming out of a Bungie that is more independent than a few years… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Thursday, July 24

    Today’s Top Posts: Rumor: Guitar Hero World Tour track list revealed FCC to approve XM-Sirius merger Notes for nerds: meet CrunchGirl BlackBerry offers free Media Sync software to talk with iTunes Slow news day: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Facebook Connect on the iPhone this fall The Sigma DP1 is a technical marvel, but that’s about it Sanyo offers clever Eneloop solution for… Read More

  • In-game antipiracy measures for Dragon Quest V on DS

    Having some trouble with your copy of Dragon Quest V? Having trouble landing a certain boat, in particular? That may be because you’re a dirty, dirty pirate and Square-Enix knows it. They programmed a glitch into the game wherein a cutscene will never end if you’re using a pirated version of the game — though they don’t say how they know it’s pirated. Of… Read More

  • Marty McFly's actual hoverboard being eBayed, $30K reserve

    Oh, Back to the Future. It was because of you that during the run-up to the revealing of the Segway, I thought it was going to be a hoverboard. It was because of you that I was so bitterly disappointed. But your uppance has come! Your most precious wooden prop will be mine — for the paltry cost of only $30,000. No, it doesn’t hover, but it’s in excellent condition. I… Read More

  • Watchmen games: please forgive my skepticism

    So it’s gonna be a game. Okay, leaving aside the entire point and purpose of the Watchmen books (the moral ambiguity and hubris of the heroes), I guess it might actually be cool to play Rorschach on some mad, murderous, MacGuyverish rampage. Maybe they’ll have a combination system a la MDK 2’s scientist levels. “Combine match with hairspray. Combine harpoon gun… Read More