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Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He first wrote for TechCrunch in 2007. He has also written for, NBC News, DPReview, The Economist/GE’s Look Ahead, and others.

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  • Vigor's Colossus PC runs everything, costs eight grand

    Are you filthy rich and don’t get out much? Then this is the PC for you. I put together my own PC for a little less than a thousand and it runs everything decently (yes, Crysis), but if you’ve got the money I don’t, why not skip that audio system upgrade for the new Hummer and get this rig instead? Check out the stats: two Radeon HD 3870s in SLI, 8GB DDR2 800 RAM (why not DDR3… Read More

  • Kodak, Vivitar not giving up on film; new SLR on the way

    Digital has almost completely replaced film in the casual set and is making inroads among professionals and artists, but that doesn’t mean film is being completely forgotten. Kodak and Vivitar have not forgotten their roots, and are creating a new film camera aimed at universities teaching “traditional photography.” They say it’ll be similar to the V3000.
    I’m… Read More

  • Ballmer wants to move on from HD-DVD, support Blu-Ray

    I guess he’s a pretty realistic guy. He acknowledges that “the world moves on,” and of course so have the manufacturers and buyers. He says they’ve already been working on driver support and the like, and his comments put weight behind expectations that Microsoft will release a Blu-Ray peripheral for the 360. MS and Sony are already in talks, so it seems like a sure… Read More

  • More info on iSpore

    We’re waiting on more info, but here’s what we have so far: The Spore shown at the SDK event was the result of two weeks of work by the EA team. EA is the first 3rd party game developer to use the SDK, so they’re in unknown territory. The development was done in-house at EA. Spore for the iPhone will be released at the same time as Spore for everything else… Read More

  • Gizmondo still alive, planning a comeback

    Really? We’ve heard this before. Carl Freer says there will be a new graphics chip but other than that it’s unchanged. Also, they’re going open-source, or at least they say so, and will be talking to universities to provide content. Kind of a weird announcement. New Gizmondo Development Has Already Started [Kotaku] Read More

  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's car list finalized; is yours on there?

    Check out the fat, finalized list of cars available in GT5:Prologue. I can say with authority that I’m pretty awful at driving sims, but I’m formidable at Need For Speed. From this list, I’d say my favorites are:
    Domestic: 2005 Subaru WRX STI Spec C
    Exotic: Audi R8 4.2 (semi-exotic I guess)
    You’ll find the whole list after in the Read More or via the via. Gran Turismo… Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Radeon X1950 for $99

    Check it out: I saw this X1950, which was one of the last and best DirectX 9 cards, featured on Tom’s Hardware’s Best Gaming Cards for the Money feature. They said they had it at Newegg for $89, but Newegg has removed that deal. Fortunately, a relatively reputable dealer has a similar deal. This is a steal of a price, you would normally be paying around $175 for one of these things. Read More

  • Veiro, a wind-up mp3 player – why not?

    This makes a lot of sense, actually. It wouldn’t work with tape or CD players because they draw too much power and hand-winding wouldn’t last long. But the demands of a small solid-state-based mp3 player with no screen like the Shuffle are less, so apparently a minute of winding gives you 20 minutes of listening time. Not too bad, but in case you don’t feel like exercise… Read More

  • Mighty G-Shock wrist clock corrects itself with international RF

    The G-Shock brand, never one to lack a feature, has added to the GW-9200 the ability to correct the time displayed by listening to one of six international radio stations. This is, of course, in addition to the barometer histogram, laser tunneling tool, and half rack of ribs also featured on this enormous watch. The only thing it doesn’t do is tell time, because you won’t be able… Read More

  • Apparently the Apple store is a great place to pick up guys other than myself

    The ladies at the *Sugar network have discovered that the Apple store in SF is full of geeky single guys. I think that’s actually in the yellow pages description of the store, but they decided to investigate. As expected, the store was packed with nerdy, semi-eligible men and very few women on the prowl. They documented their foray into the wild world of Macheads and now you can learn… Read More

  • University to provide an iPhone or iPod Touch to all new students

    These jokers are really upping the ante. Of course, unless they’re providing crippled iPhones, there’s going to be a whole lot of chatting going on in lecture. They say they’ll integrate them into the classes (answer quiz questions, watch slide shows, etc) but I am skeptical that a bunch of 18-year-olds will be able to resist the temptation of watching an episode of Aqua… Read More

  • Expert: in 2013 you will record 10 channels simultaneously for 2 weeks, fly

    Some boffin over at Rice University has decided that five years from now, the capacity of DVRs will be such that we’ll be able to record HD video from ten channels at once, and keep it going for two weeks straight. That’s all fine and dandy, but what the professor has failed to take into account is that channel-based TV is on its way out even now, and the popularization of DVRs… Read More

  • Mario Kart Wii's channel and online play detailed by Nintendo

    Looks pretty sweet. If you’re going to dedicate yourself to a game like this (and I think that you are), it’s good to have a well-designed base for the community. Hopefully this system will result in good matchups and make it easy to find your friends, although personally I can’t imagine playing Mario Kart with strangers. It’s an intimate experience, really, at least… Read More

  • And you thought the SSD upgrade for the MacBook Air was expensive

    Thinking of buying a MacBook Air, but don’t think it’s going to make enough of an impression as is? Feeling like trading that subtle design for a design that belongs on a Victorian-era fainting couch? This is the deal for you – as long as you have a spare 40 large lying around. Bling My Thing has encrusted an Air with gilt Swarovski crystals and is selling it for $40,000… Read More

  • Okami on Wii: a match made in heaven, coming April 11

    As soon as Okami came out, it was showered with praise as possibly the best Zelda-like game on the PS2, but the real question on everyone’s minds was: when is this awesome game going to come out on the Wii? The paintbrush mechanic, while functional with the dual shock, would be a revelation with a wiimote. It was finally confirmed a little while back that this very port would come to… Read More

  • Nike and Apple burrow further into the lives of gym bunnies

    As if it wasn’t enough that your Nano was counting your every step through the chip in your Nike+ shoes, now it can track every mile you pretend to bike at the the gym. Ellipticals and such, too. They’re teaming up with 24 Hour Fitness and some Virgin thing to provide machines that track your use, assuming you have the time and inclination to plug your gear into the the… Read More

  • Shark deterrent! (Caution: does not work in belly of shark)

    If you’re a surfer in, say, Australia, you may have considered investing in such sharky countermeasures as a Shark Shield or chain mail. Neither is perfect as the latter tends to make you sink, and the former apparently causes the occasional shark to eat it, as evidenced by a recent test in which a 10-foot great white took a bite out of a unit being tested. The maker of the device… Read More

  • Crysis shown on the Xbox360 at GDC

    Crytek has been pretty mum about the console plan for its GPU-taxing hit, Crysis. They said they’d be showing it on consoles at GDC, but it was nowhere to be found unless you did the legwork yourself. This intrepid gamer/reporter found that they were in fact showing it on the 360 behind closed doors, but only to publishers. Of course, the 360 was the obvious choice, what with the… Read More

  • Assassin's Creed PC Qs and As

    I’m playing this right now, and I can tell you that it’s pretty tight. Per this IGN report, they’ve added a few new mission types (I wouldn’t know since I didn’t play the 360 version), tweaked the AI a bit, and they say that it actually runs faster in DirectX 10, which was certainly not the case with, well, any other game I’ve ever played. I can believe… Read More

  • Aqua-Roombas to clean up oil spills using teamwork

    This is a cool idea, although I’m skeptical of it being cost effective. And considering you’ll have to clean off every one of those expensive robots after each spill, it’s a messy proposition as well. Still, it’s a great idea and could provide a nice boost to spill containment efforts. It’s still a concept at this point, but feel free to DIY one in your garage… Read More