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Ben Dickson Contributor Ben Dickson is a software engineer and the founder of TechTalks. More posts by this contributor Monetizing computing resources on the blockchain Unlocking the potential of eye tracking technology

Ben Dickson is a software engineer and the founder of TechTalks.

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Your website may be engaged in secret criminal activity

Most of us think of website hacks as illicit activities aimed at siphoning critical information or disrupting the business of website owners. But what happens when your site becomes hacked, not for th

How IoT and machine learning can make our roads safer

The transportation industry is associated with high maintenance costs, disasters, accidents, injuries and loss of life. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world are losing their lives to car a

Exploiting machine learning in cybersecurity

While more and more jobs are being forfeited to robots and artificial intelligence, is it conceivable to convey to machines a responsibility as complicated as cybersecurity? The topic is being hotly d

Decentralizing IoT networks through blockchain

Imagine a washer that autonomously contacts suppliers and places orders when it’s low on detergent, performs self-service and maintenance, and schedules its cycles to take advantage of electricity p

The implications of large IoT ecosystems

The Internet of Things genie is out of the bottle and growing at an accelerating pace. According to Gartner, 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015. Thi

The gaming industry can become the next big target of cybercrime

Video-game-related crime is almost as old as the industry itself. But while illegal copies and pirated versions of games were the previous dominant form of illicit activities, recent developments and

How do you outsmart malware?

The growth of data breaches in recent months and years is in large part because of the new generation of smart malware being developed on a daily basis. Malicious actors are constantly taking advantag

How threat intelligence sharing can help deal with cybersecurity challenges

In the ever-shifting landscape of cyberthreats and attacks, having access to timely information and intelligence is vital and can make a big difference in protecting organizations and firms against da

Strengthening authentication through big data

The fact that plain passwords are no longer safe to protect our digital identities is no secret. For years, the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a means

How IoT security can benefit from machine learning

Computers and mobile devices running rich operating systems have a plethora of security solutions and encryption protocols from which to choose that can protect them against the multitude of threats t

How to deal with the rising threat of ransomware

Of all the money-making schemes hackers employ, the most prevalent is perhaps ransomware, a malware that is usually delivered through infected email attachments and hacked websites or websites featuri

How to deal with IoT challenges through abstraction

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tech industry. Yet the way IoT is evolving raises serious concerns: There are too many complexities, moving parts, diversities

Meeting cybersecurity challenges through gamification

When it comes to cybersecurity issues, we always seem to be dealing with either shortages or excess. With the dark shadow of bigger security incidents constantly looming on the horizon, both governmen

Software security needs a new perspective

Source code bugs have been a constant in the software industry since the dawn of computers -- and have ever been a major source of attacks, exploits and security incidents. With virtually every aspect

IoT security needs scalable solutions

Ben Dickson Contributor Ben Dickson is a software engineer and the founder of TechTalks. More posts by this contributor Monetizing computing resources on the blockchain Unlocking the potential of eye

Passwords May Soon Be Passé

The early January theft of more than 320,000 user emails and passwords from cable giant Time Warner Cable gave validation to the argument that simple password authentication is becoming less and less

Solving The Persistent Security Threats For The Internet Of Things

The security problem -- and, just as important, the security risks that consumers perceive in internet-connected devices -- represents a real threat to the hundreds of millions of dollars companies ar

How Much Privacy Is Too Much?

Government officials are pushing for more cooperation and transparency from tech companies, and in some cases try their hand at hacking in order to pry into encrypted systems. Meanwhile, companies try

Why IoT Security Is So Critical

Twenty years ago, if you told me my phone could be used to steal the password to my email account or to take a copy of my fingerprint data, I would’ve laughed at you and said you watch too much Jame

Don’t Panic Over The Rise In Personal Data Theft

Instead of freaking out and retracing our steps, we must take the necessary precautions to save our personal and corporate lives. Perhaps the silver lining in all these attacks is that it has raised a
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