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TechCrunch staff on what we lose if we lose Twitter

While nobody knows what will happen to Twitter, we can't help but consider what we'd miss if it went away.

Meet Unstable Diffusion, the group trying to monetize AI porn generators

When Stable Diffusion, the text-to-image AI developed by startup Stability AI, was open sourced earlier this year, it didn’t take long for the internet to wield it for porn-creating purposes. Co

OnlyFans partners with Spring to add shopping features

Merch is coming to OnlyFans. In a partnership with Spring — the merch company formerly known as TeeSpring that just got acquired by Amaze — OnlyFans creators can sell physical products to

Musk poses workers with a choice: quit Twitter, or prepare to get ‘hardcore’

Times are changing at Twitter. In about two weeks under Elon Musk’s leadership,¬†Twitter has fired over 3,700 people, and a slew of high-ranking execs have resigned. But the company’s pers

Tumblr’s only viable business model is shitposting

As Elon Musk struggles to make people give Twitter $8 a month for a blue check, Tumblr had an idea: What if they offered users $8 for not one, but two blue checks? Yes, you can legitimately buy two bl

We may all be #RatVerified forever

I rarely update my Twitter display name, except maybe when I am on vacation and want to warn people that if you email me, I will either not see it or I will become very annoyed that you emailed me abo

Elon Musk addresses Twitter advertisers in a meandering Q&A

New Twitter owner Elon Musk joined a Twitter Space today to address concerns from advertisers about changes at the company.¬†The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s nascent foray into running a social media

RIP TechCrunch’s official Twitter badge (11/9/22-11/9/22)

UPDATE, 11/11/22, 9:41 AM ET: Twitter has performed necromancy on our “official badge,” resurrecting it from the Pet Sematary of grey checkmarks. We are monitoring the situation closely an

Why watch a movie when you can watch your corporate all-hands meeting?

Movie theater attendance is down, largely thanks to the pandemic, but chains like AMC still need to make money. If meme stocks aren’t a reliable business plan, why not find another use for a gia

Twitter will add an ‘official’ badge to high-profile accounts in lieu of verification

Twitter is turning the famous blue check mark into a symbol that denotes you’ve paid Elon Musk $8, rather than one that identifies public figures. But of course, if anyone with a spare $8 and a

Elizabeth Holmes is denied new trial, will be sentenced on Nov. 18

The disgraced founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes will be sentenced on November 18 after she was found guilty on four counts of defrauding investors in January. Once the youngest self-made female bi

A beginner’s guide to Mastodon, the open source Twitter alternative

As Twitter users fret over the direction that new owner Elon Musk is taking the company, masses of users have hopped over to Mastodon, an open source Twitter alternative. Since October 27, when the Sp

Should Twitter embrace porn and compete with OnlyFans?

So let’s say hypothetically, you’re an extremely online billionaire who just bought a social media platform for $44 billion, a purchase you presumably regret given the fact that you spent

Twitter’s mass layoffs have begun

UPDATE: Based on tweets from employees showing that they’ve lost access to their work emails and Slack, layoffs are starting to happen: All your access suddenly shut off in the middle of the nig

Patreon adds a long-awaited native video feature

Patreon creators can now upload videos directly to the platform. After hyping it up for a full year, Patreon Video will roll out to eligible creators on Patreon’s Pro and Premium plans. “W

Here’s what happened at Elon Musk’s meeting with civil rights leaders

After meeting with a group of civil rights leaders about his content moderation plans, new “Chief Twit” Elon Musk has committed to uphold existing election integrity policies until at leas

Twitter ad sales head, diversity chief resign amid turbulent Musk takeover

Twitter’s Chief Consumer Officer Sarah Personette and Chief of People and Diversity Dalana Brand have left the company. Both Personette and Brand announced their departures in respective Twitter

How Metafy founder Josh Fabian caught the attention of 776 by building in public

In over a decade of investing in startups, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has only once offered to fund a founder on the spot.

Elon Musk’s plan to charge for Twitter verification will be a misinformation nightmare

It’s been less than a week since Elon Musk became “Chief Twit” at Twitter and he has already come up with ideas that are stupider than walking into HQ with a sink. According to a rep

Elon Musk fired top Twitter execs including CEO

Elon Musk fired key Twitter executives Thursday, one of his first moves as the official owner of the social media platform. According to reports from The New York Times, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal,
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