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Neo4j, A Graph Database For Building Recommendation Engines, Gets A Visual Overhaul

Part of the problem with any powerful technology is how it is perceived. It might be something that is too early for its time or it may just need those years of development and use for the market to c

Billionaire Jewelry King Launches TaskWorld, A Management Tool All About Performance

Billionaire jewelry king Fred Mouawad has a different take on the world of task management. Most providers have some play on keeping a list or offer a schedule of reminders. But Mouawad, after hanging

Implisit Raises $3.3M For Self-Learning Service That Predicts Next Steps For Sales People

Implisit has raised $3.3 million from Gemini Israel Ventures for its self-learning platform that mines CRM data to help sales people close more deals and cut manual data entry.

Database Provider Garantia Data Makes Another Name Change, This Time To Redis Labs

Garantia Data is now Redis Labs, a name change that reflect its roots as a database provider that uses the Redis open-source technology, a popular NoSQL database used by developers at companies like P

Sonatype Updates Component Lifecycle Management Platform To Protect Open-Source Components

<a target="_blank" href="">Sonatype</a> has updated its technology to protect software developers from using rogue open-source components that could be used to attack any kind

Chartio Raises $2.2M, Updates Its Business Intelligence And Data Visualization Platform

Chartio has raised $2.2 million from Avalon Ventures and added some new features to its data visualization platform that blends data sets and does complex calculations. Chartio had previously raised a

Docker Raises $15M For Its Open-Source Platform That Helps Developers Build Apps In The Cloud

The shift to scale out architectures and an app-centric culture has turned out well for Docker and its lightweight open-source “container” technology designed for developers to quickly mov

Hosting Provider Savvis Is Now CenturyLink Technology Solutions

<a target="_blank" href="">Savvis</a> has a new name to give it deeper identity with <a target="_blank" href="">CenturyLink</a>, which acquired the hosting

Zapier Opens Its Developer Platform, Gives The Everyday Joe A Way To Connect APIs

<a target="_blank" href="">Zapier</a>, a platform for connecting apps to automate tasks, has been constrained to some extent by the limitations for integrating third-party services. T

Google Cloud Storage Connector For Hadoop Launches As Data Analytics Becomes A Priority For Cloud Providers

Google Cloud Storage has had the capability to run Hadoop so developers can do advanced analytics on its distributed computing platform. Today, Google is attempting to simplify the process with a <a

No IPO Yet, Storage Provider Nutanix Raises Another $101M At A $1 Billion Valuation

Nutanix has raised $101 million in a Series D round and is boasting of a $1 billion market capitalization. But the fast-growing enterprise storage company is not planning to pursue an IPO any time soo

Apigee Acquires InsightsOne To Deepen API Analytics Offerings

Apigee, an API management company, has acquired InsightsOne for its predictive analytics technology. With InsightsOne, Apigee will have a platform that helps companies find patterns in multiple data s

Microsoft Acquires Parature For $100M In Deal To Bolster Knowledge Base For Dynamics CRM Platform

Microsoft has acquired<a target="_blank" href=""> Parature</a>, a cusiomer service SaaS provider, for $100 million, according to sources close to the deal. The Parature acquisitio

Amazon Kinesis Now In Public Beta For Developers To Build Real-Time Apps

<a target="_blank" href="">Amazon Kinesis</a>, the company's new data streaming analytics platform, is now in public beta, allowing developers to build real-time apps wit

2600hz Launches Platform For Opening The Mobile Telco

<p dir="ltr">The <a target="_blank" href="">2600hz</a> team took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt today, launching its service for disrupting the mobile telecommunications industr

Datameer Smart Analytics Is Designed For The Person Who Is Not A Data Scientist

<a target="_blank" href="">Datameer</a>, like a lot of companies, is trying to make its data-analytics platform accessible to people who are not data scientists. It’s part of a gr

Google App Engine Adds Kinvey To Power Mobile Backend

Google is broadening its reach into the mobile app development world today through a <a target="_blank" href="

6 Experts on Speeding Up Data

Speed. That’s what it’s all about these days. The problem: it’s still more effective to use FedEx than trying to squeeze a data load across a network. It’s an absurd reality when it requires a Raises $4 Million For Big Data Analytics Sales Force Automation Technology

<a target="_blank" href=""></a> has raised $4 million from <a target="_blank" href="">Hummer Winblad</a> in a Series A Round that the compa