TLV Partners raises new $250M fund

Israel-based early-stage VC firm TLV Partners today announced its fifth fund, unsurprisingly called Fund V. TLV Partners raised its last fund, the $220 million Fund IV, in October 2021. Including this new fund, the group now has $1.07 billion in assets under management.

The plan is to make about 25 seed and Series A investments from this new fund, mostly in the range of $4 to $8 million, with room to invest up to $20 million per company in subsequent rounds.

TLV Partners typically leads or co-leads the rounds it invests in. The group’s recent investments include companies like Aqua Security, Next Insurance, Aidoc, Run:ai, Silverfort, Quantum Machines, Unit, Immunai, Deepcure, Buildots, Zencity, Firebolt, Mesh, Laminar, Oligo Security and Port. The firm, which has invested in a total of 60 companies so far, has seen 10 exits, including Granulate (acquired by Intel), Oribi (LinkedIn), Neosec (Akamai), Skyline (JLL), Stoke (Fiverr) and Guesty (secondary transaction).

This new fund is coming together against the backdrop of mass protests and civil unrest, largely driven by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s push for a judicial reform that, according to its many opponents, could weaken Israel’s democracy.

Shahar Tzafrir, a managing partner at TLV Partners, acknowledged the current situation. “As we navigate turbulent times in Israel, our commitment to our founders remains unshakeable,” he said. “We view these challenges as opportunities to innovate, build, and strive. Our announcement of Fund V, part of our $1 billion funds, underscores our unwavering optimism in our founders, our nation, and the promise of a resilient democracy. We are here, we are ready, and we stand strong – together.”