Our 11 favorite companies from YC’s S22 Demo Day: Part 1

We listened to 100+ pitches so you don't have to

Y Combinator is back, this time with a slightly smaller batch of startups. Still, the massive accelerator has two days’ worth of upstart tech companies to show off. TechCrunch is tuned in, as always, and in keeping with our historical coverage, we compiled a list of our favorites from the first day’s pitches.

For more on Y Combinator’s latest batch, TechCrunch examined the cohort’s diversity makeup, looked into fintech bets from the group and examined what’s going on in seed-stage crypto.

These are startups that stood out to us for one reason or another. They aren’t endorsements and sometimes are just for fun. The idea is that you might not have time to sit through over 100 pitches — so let us filter a bit and highlight some of the best companies from the first day of Y Combinator’s Summer 2022 Demo Day.

We’ve tagged each selection with the TechCrunch author who picked it and provided a link to the company, along with notes on what it does — and why we think it’s cool. Let’s have some fun!