TechCrunch reacts to the new iPhone SE with glee

While the TechCrunch team is hunkered down watching Apple’s event today, we’re taking a short break from our more serious coverage to share our real-time reactions to the return of the iPhone SE.

After Tim “Apple” Cook announced the new piece of hardware, our Slack room for the event had an immediate, and immediately positive, reaction. So, if you wanted to know what TechCrunch is saying behind the scenes, here’s a look at our first take:

Haje, naturally, made a word joke. I lost my mind about the iPhone feature I miss the most, and both Devin and Zack scrambled for their wallets. Consider this a riposte to the general vibe that tech journalists only want phablet-style megaliths with 17 cameras and the rest of the usual cruft.

Mostly phones are for Twitter and avoiding email. So who doesn’t want a smaller, simpler device? Call it the revenge of the Peek.