Learn about the benefits of on-orbit operations and servicing at TC Sessions: Space 2021

If you think manufacturing, assembling and servicing highly complex equipment on Earth is challenging, try doing it in space. On-orbit operations and servicing are vital emerging technologies, and you’ll have ample opportunity to improve your understanding of them at TC Sessions: Space 2021 on December 14-15.

When a satellite breaks down, you can’t just call AAA. On-orbit servicing (OOS) enables inspections, repairs and technology upgrades for both military and commercial satellites — extending their service viability, reducing dangerous space debris and saving a galactic ton of money. Consider this: A military satellite in geostationary orbit can cost more than a billion dollars. Would you junk a billion-dollar car if you could fix it instead?

A very high-tech version of reduce, reuse and recycle, on-orbit ops/services lead to orbital sustainability — a more efficient, affordable operating environment for both the public and private sectors. Plus, the ability to install new payloads, such as upgraded communication or navigation systems, to existing satellites supports their mission while, again, reducing costs and space clutter.

But this isn’t our first foray into this category. Orbit Fab, who launched in Startup Battlefield at Disrupt in 2019, is working with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to advance on-orbit refueling technology. They also just raised $10 million from both VC and prime contractor investors.

At TC Sessions: Space this year, we’ve tapped deeply experienced leaders in this field (from LeoLabs, Maxar and Astroscale) to share their expertise and discuss the current state of on-orbit ops.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. We’ve dedicated two full days to explore and gain more understanding of the rapidly advancing technologies and opportunities in space — from in-space propulsion systems and lunar sampling to investment trends and public-private collaboration. Buy your pass today and get an insider’s look at on-orbit operations and servicing — and so much more.

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