Learn how studying lunar samples may help sustain human life beyond our planet at TC Sessions: Space 2021

The dream of understanding, exploring and even settling other worlds is alive and well at TC Sessions: Space 2021. On December 14-15, some of this planet’s foremost experts will be in the house to talk about lunar samples and why they’re critical to determining whether humans can live on other planets.

Lunar samples, in the form of rocks, regolith or dust, offer greater insight to the origins not only of the moon itself, but also of our planet and the inner solar system.   

In 2020, rock samples collected by China’s Chang’e-5 (the first expedition to do so in more than 40 years) proved that lava flowed on the moon’s surface a relatively mere 2 billion years ago — when multicellular life began to evolve on Earth.

These substances have also been researched in the creation of lunar energy-storage regolith bricks, which could enable lunar construction and potential eventual habitation.

Extraterrestrial resource collection isn’t just for government agencies anymore. Instead, it will require collaboration among government, private and public entities. NASA hopes to return humans to the moon by 2024 and, as part of that effort, it’s accepting proposals from commercial companies to collect samples of rocks and substances from any lunar location. Compared to samples collected in the 1970s, today’s advanced analytical capabilities will provide deeper understanding and exciting possibilities

At TC Sessions: Space 2021, we’ll have a panel discussion with lunar expedition experts from iSpace, Masten Space Systems and Lockheed Martin Space to discuss recent lunar sample research and explore what the future of lunar sampling looks like.

That’s just one example of the stellar speakers we have on tap at TC Sessions: Space. We’re talking folks like Natalya Bailey, Accion Systems co-founder and CTO, who will talk about advancements in in-space satellite propulsion systems. Plus, Chad Anderson (Space Capital), Jonathan Fentzke (Techstars), Tess Hatch (Bessemer Venture Partners) and Lisa Rich (Xplore) will have a lot to share about investing in space startups from the earliest stages and beyond.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. Buy your pass now and learn from leading experts how lunar samples may hold the key to living beyond the stars.

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