Check out the incredible speakers joining us on TechCrunch Live in December

TechCrunch Live (previously known as Extra Crunch Live) is ending the year strong with a slate of fantastic speakers. We’re speaking to Eugenio Pace from Auth0 and Sunil Nagaraj from Ubiquity Ventures.

We’re thrilled with the response to TechCrunch Live. Over the last year, we’ve had great speakers telling amazing stories of growth, exits and failure. Just recently, Laela Sturdy and Vlad Magdalin spoke on mixing the personal with the professional in startup fundraising. Aileen Lee and Rachel Carlson walked through Guild Education’s early pitch deck and we learned how Lunchclub landed a preemptive term sheet from Lightspeed.

TechCrunch Live is specifically designed to help founders build better venture-backed businesses. We do this by bringing together startup founders and the investors who back them to talk about what, specifically, helped close the deal. What metrics are the investors looking at? What questions did the founders answer that made the VCs want to learn more? How did the founders communicate their grand vision, and their step-by-step plan to getting there?

We cover all this — complete with a look at these companies’ early pitch decks, and more — on TechCrunch Live. TechCrunch Live is also home to the TCL Pitch-off, where founders in the audience can get on our virtual stage to pitch their startup to our esteemed guests and get their live feedback.

As with any TechCrunch event, this weekly series also features networking so you can meet and greet other attendees.

The event goes down every Wednesday at noon PT/3pm ET, and is free to attend. Only TechCrunch+ members get access to the complete library of on-demand content, so if you haven’t yet already, sign up now!

And without any further ado, here is a look at the outstanding guests joining us on TechCrunch Live in December.

Eugenio Pace (Auth0) + Sunil Nagaraj (Ubiquity)
December 1 – 3pm ET/12pm PT

After a decade at Microsoft, Eugenio Pace started his own company in the form of Auth0, which has more than 9,000 customers and secures 4.5 billion login transactions per month, ultimately getting acquired by Okta for $6.5 billion. Hear on TechCrunch Live how Pace worked with Ubiquity Ventures founding partner Sunil Nagaraj in the early days to grow toward this astounding exit.

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Image Credits: Ubiquity Ventures / Mat Szwajkos