Hear from Arlan Hamilton on finding the next big opportunities in tech at TC Sessions: Justice

I’m very excited to announce Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, will be joining us in a fireside chat at TC Sessions: Justice on March 3.

Backstage Capital has raised more than $12 million to invest in more than 150 companies led by people of color, women and/or LGBTQ founders, including Spora Health, Bitwise, Career Karma, Uncharted Power, Kairos and Zero Grocery. The venture firm is driven by the ethos that these founders represent the biggest opportunities in investment.

“I am into things that promote sustainability, that are clever,” Hamilton said in an Extra Crunch survey in June. “I like the senior care industry, but also pushing that a little further into senior activity and thriving entrepreneurship, et cetera. And media. I think media has a really interesting, exciting opportunity right now because of the way representation is so important, has always been, but it’s even more now. I’m seeing more and more interesting and unique media options rather than the status quo.”

Backstage has gone on to launch an accelerator in four cities to support underrepresented founders, as well as a syndicate, called Backstage Crowd. Within the first three months of its relaunch in 2020, Backstage Crowd raised $1 million, according to the firm’s impact report.

Hamilton is also the author of “It’s About Damn Time,” a book geared toward providing tactical advice for founders and aspiring investors.

At TC Sessions: Justice, we’ll plan to chat with Hamilton about the state of venture capital, investing in underestimated and underfunded founders and more.

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