Extra Crunch Live: Join a live Q&A with Max Levchin today at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT

Money makes the world go round, as the saying goes. But how and where we spend it are still very much up for grabs.

One person who has been pondering that question and providing answers very successfully is Max Levchin, and we’re very excited to have him as our special guest today on Extra Crunch Live, where we’ll be interviewing him as well as taking questions from the audience.

Levchin could not be more central to the story of Silicon Valley’s rise, and the rise of fintech, in the last twenty years. As one of the co-founders of PayPal, he’s been at the center of how we use the internet to send and spend money from its earliest days. As the CEO of Affirm, one of the hottest fintech companies around today, you can safely say he’s still in the game and winning.

But wait! There’s more! All that’s just part of Max’s fintech credentials. He’s also currently the chairman of health tech startup Glow, and his past roles have included chairman of Yelp and member of the board of Yahoo, and much more.

We are living in truly crazy times today, with the pandemic impacting every aspect of our lives, no less our tech lives. Max’s track record and his own story as an immigrant building huge businesses in America make him a very compelling person to weigh in on all of that. So please join us to watch, and participate in the conversation.

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I’ll be in the interviewer’s chair, and I plan to grill Max on all things fintech and foundery — where financial tech startups are going, how they are faring now, what founders need to be thinking about and how to avoid big mistakes. I’m also really looking forward to what you, the audience, want to ask Max, too.

See you later for all the fun, Thursday August 6 at 4 p.m. EDT/1 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. GMT. The links are below the fold.

We hope to see you there!

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