Amazon says over 10 million items are now available for one-day shipping

Amazon on its latest earnings call announced it was working towards making one-day shipping the new standard for Prime members. This morning, the retailer touted a milestone related to those efforts with news that now over 10 million items are now available for one-day shipping to Prime members.

The news was largely a shot at Walmart, who only a few weeks following Amazon’s original announcement, said it was launching a next-day shipping service of its own.

But Walmart’s offering is much smaller — only 200,000 of its most popular items are available for next-day, which puts it more in competition with Target Restock, a similar offering with 35,000 items available — largely focused on household replenishment.

Meanwhile, Amazon this morning took the time to clarify some of its plans around one-day, reminding everyone that one-day isn’t just a switch that it’s planning to flip at some point — it’s already available across a large range of products and continuing to grow.

In Q4, Amazon had said one-day and same-day were available to over 10,000 cities and towns in the U.S. Today, Prime Free One Day is offered coast to coast, the company says. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico have access to Prime, but speeds vary from one-day to five days.

In early April, Amazon says it “significantly expanded” its one-day selection and delivery areas for one-day shipping, and is continuing to add more products and expand its delivery areas.

While Prime speeds also vary by country, U.K. Prime members have access to one-day and customers in Japan often see same-day.

Amazon added that Prime Free One Day shipping is already 10 times larger than Prime two-day shipping was when launched back in 2005.

It’s supported today by Amazon’s network in the U.S. that includes 110 fulfillment centers, 40 package sortation centers, 100 delivery stations, and 20 air gateways.

What Amazon didn’t shed any light on today on how close it is to making one-day a default for its over 100 million Prime members.