VR’s most popular game is getting more features (and more expensive)

VR’s most hyped game is getting a price bump later this month as it expands the amount of headsets that it’s playable on.

We did a big deep-dive last week on Beat Saber, the best seller from a tiny Prague VR studio that’s pulling in big revenues. The game is part Guitar Hero, part Fruit Ninja, and you’ve got some light sabers to guide you through EDM tunes. It’s sold over 1 million copies.

This week, the company Beat Games shared some updates that are likely to increase those revenues further as the company grows more confident that they’ve ironed out most of the game’s bugs.

On May 21, Beat Games is bumping the price from $20 to $30 on Valve’s Steam store and the Oculus Home platform, bringing the price in line with the PS VR version. This price bump comes as the company abandons the “Early Access” title, a classifier that has long signified that a game is in beta and hasn’t had all of the kinks ironed out. With this, the studio detailed in a Medium post, they feel the game has reached a “stable version,” and that it is now a “full game.”

When the game exits early access, it will be picking up a long-promised level editor so that gamers can create custom levels for their own audio tracks.

The price change on May 21 isn’t an arbitrary date; that’s when Oculus will be releasing both of its new headsets, the Rift S and Quest.

Speaking of the Quest, Oculus had introduced a feature called cross-buy that would enable users who already owned a copy of a game on Rift to let users download that game for free on Quest. On Twitter, Beat Games noted today that they won’t be supporting this for the base game, so Quest users will still have to pay up, though the studio said they will enable the feature for add-ons like additional music packs.

Beat Saber is going to be unified across all platforms moving forward, meaning you won’t see certain versions getting updates that the others won’t get for a while. This opens up the potential for cross-platform multiplayer as the studio continues to work on a mode for multiple concurrent users.

The price jump comes next week; you’ll still be able to score the game at the Early Access price before May 21.