Why design is too important to be left to designers

Andréa Mallard is the former CMO of Omada Health. In this episode, she explains how design should be looked at as a connective tissue that extends throughout an entire company. A verb, not a department.

Everyone is a designer, regardless of their position in the business. Andréa explains how even the decisions that seem completely unrelated to design can have a critical impact on how designers construct the user experience. “Your non-designed decisions, are themselves, designed decisions.”

Talk is cheap, especially in the design world. “When you show a design-centric change rather than tell it, people get on board really fast.” Andréa details how her team embodied this when they used pricing as a design function to help guide the direction and – arguably more importantly – the purpose of its products.

Jared Erondu and Bobby Ghoshal are the hosts of High Resolution. This post and episode notes were put together by freelance writer, Gannon Burgett. Watch for High Resolution episodes to drop every Monday on TechCrunch at 8 a.m. PT. You can also listen on iTunes and Overcast.