Dancing between data and intuition design lessons from Apple and eBay

In this episode, eBay’s VP of design, Dave Lippman, shares his experience designing at Apple and eBay, the differences in their approaches to data and intuition and how he’s learned to dance between the two.

In design, there’s a tension between the aspects of creativity, craft and strategy. Lippman shares the importance of finding balance between all three and figuring out when one should take priority over the others.

Compared to the more intuition-driven approach to design he was used to at Apple, Lippman explains how eBay’s data-driven approach proved to be a welcome change. He explains the difference in the design methodologies, and how he’s worked to blend the best of the two. He also delves into how design changed at Apple after Steve Jobs passed.

To ensure everyone is on the same page, it’s important to help the design organization understand why the company is doing certain things and why they matter. However, it’s just as important to explain design’s vital role to a business. Lippman shares how he goes about both.

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