CoreOS’s Tectonic container platform gets full support for Microsoft Azure

CoreOS today announced the general availability of Microsoft Azure support for its Kubernetes-based Tectonic container management platform. It previously only fully supported container deployments on bare metal servers and AWS. Beta support for Azure launched in March and with this new release, Tectonic now offers hybrid support for multi-cloud deployments across its three supported platforms.

“This major release of Tectonic and stable release on Microsoft Azure is an important step to deliver on the promise of multi-cloud, making infrastructure and operations more efficient and scalable,” said Rob Szumski, product manager, Tectonic, at CoreOS. “Tectonic on Azure saves you time and money by building your Kubernetes infrastructure correctly from the beginning and speeding up deployment cycles. With the ability to do hybrid cloud deployments, infrastructure leaders have the freedom and flexibility of a platform that does not lock users into cloud compute and cloud services.”

Other updates to Tectonic include full support for Kubernetes 1.7, the latest release of the Google-incubated container orchestration service. Upgrading to the latest release is a one-click process and the company promises that users won’t incur any downtime during the update procedure. That’s a major advantage compared to the early days of Kubernetes, when upgrading was a hassle, no matter which platform you chose.

Also new are network policy support (in alpha) to allow users to exercise more control over inbound traffic and pre-configured alerts for when things go awry in a container deployment.