The most-liked tweet in history says a lot about how the world is doing

The events that unfolded this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia have sparked reactions from all corners of the internet. But one Twitter user, former President Barack Obama, had a response that resonated with millions.

Last night, this tweet from Obama became the most-liked tweet on the platform ever, with more than 3 million likes at the time of writing.

Sadly, this common-sense tweet stands in direct opposition to a shocking number of people who side with the Alt-Right, including current President Donald Trump.

But what’s more interesting, perhaps, is the lens that Twitter offers us through which to view the world. In 2014, the most retweeted and liked tweets on the platform included Ellen Degeneres’ Oscars selfie.

It was followed by Justin Bieber’s… this:

This year, the second-most liked tweet was Ariana Grande’s reaction to the Manchester bombing:

To be fair, all hope is not lost. The #NuggsForCarter kid still holds the record for most retweets this year, at 3.42 million. But truthfully, that doesn’t offer much solace.

It’s depressing AF that the most-liked tweets of the year, thus far, are in reaction to terrorism and xenophobia, and say something that we should all inherently know: that all people are created equal.