Brayola picks up another $2.5 million to make sure your bra fits

Finding a bra that fits well is hard, but Brayola is looking to make it easier.

The ecommerce platform for bras has raised another $2.5 million in Series A financing, bringing the total A round to $5 million. Investors include The Firstime Fund, Ilan Shiloah, Nir Tralovsky, Jonathan Benartzi, Gett founders Shahar Waiser and Roi More, and Haim Dabah.

The strategy behind Brayola is simple. Through troves of data and a smart algorithm, Brayola lets users submit the bra they love (brand and size) to receive back recommendations on other bras that fit the same way. Founder Orit Hashay says the company has less than 10 percent return rate on bras sold through the platform.

Through traditional platforms, return rates on bras sit around 30 percent, partially because some women don’t know how to find the right fit of their bra, and partially because the rise in online shopping has made it even harder to find the right fit.

Brayola has partnered directly with more than 100 brands, offering over 1 million SKUs.

These integrations allow Brayola to work directly with distribution warehouses so that Brayola bras arrive in Brayola packaging. Plus, partnering with brands allows Brayola to purchase individual bras at wholesale price instead of stocking up on inventory.

Brayola grew rapidly over 2016, hitting a $10 million revenue run rate by the end of the year. If growth keeps up, Hashay expects the company to hit $27 million run rate through this year.

The company has not yet spent much capital on marketing and brand promotion, and a significant portion of this funding will be dedicated to building brand awareness.