Brayola gets $2.5 million in Series A support, unveils a marketplace

Brayola, the service that helps women find the perfect-fitting bra, has today announced the close of a $2.5 million Series A round. Investors include Haim Dabah of HDS Capital and FirstTime Capital’s Jonathan Benartzi.

The company is also unveiling its own marketplace, leveraging inventory from brand partners to help women not only find the right bra, but take action on that item directly from the Brayola website.

Brayola’s premise is simple to understand and difficult to execute. Women upload a picture of their breasts wearing their favorite bra. Then, users collectively vote on these pictures (that don’t show faces) on whether or not these bras fit the wearer.

At the end of the poll, a “bra expert” steps in and makes the final call. As it turns out, most women are wearing bras that don’t fit properly and don’t know what the “right” fit even looks like. The polling is meant to help these women better understand how a bra should fit.

Beyond the polling, Brayola also lets users upload their favorite bra (make, model, and size) and Brayola generates suggestions for other bras they might like.

This is where Brayola’s new marketplace really comes into play.

Founder and CEO Orit Hashay told TechCrunch that Brayola’s conversion rate is around 5.5 percent, which is almost as high as Amazon Prime. Plus, the company boasts a return rate lower than 8 percent.

You can learn more about Brayola right here.