Watch ‘High Resolution,’ a video series about design

Ever wonder how design has helped drive success for businesses like Airbnb, Facebook, Slack and IBM? How about how their teams are structured? How they operate? What their processes look like?

High Resolution is bringing clarity to these questions, and we’re doing it 25 times. We’re sitting down with 25 masters of the digital design industry to learn how they approach, communicate and deploy design every single day in their businesses. They’ll walk us through their methods for using design as a competitive differentiator to win their space.

Our limited video series on design, design thinking and leadership will bring you ~1,500 minutes of deep dive actionable content. You’ll hear stories about how storytelling was used to drive the conversation for Airbnb Trips. How Uber formed an inclusive process to redesign their apps from the ground up. How Omada Health changed “design” from a noun to a verb to “politely disrupt” the trillion-dollar healthcare industry. How design at Apple changed after Steve Jobs passed away.

You’ll learn how Kate Aronowitz helped scale Facebook’s design team from 20-200 world-class practitioners under Zuck. How Phil Gilbert is deploying over $100M to bring design thinking back to IBM’s DNA. How Daniel Burka uses GV’s Design Sprint to bring quick change to products and what he means by “design done right can be the scientific method of a business.” How John Maeda brought learnings from running RISD to KPCB and now Automattic. How Spotify’s Rochelle King is leveraging data and design to bring a whole new level of experience to music. How Luke Woods and his team at Facebook are designing for nearly 2 billion people everyday.

You’ll also walk away with clean actionable ideas on how to bring change to your own business, no matter its size or stage. Our guests come from a spectrum of backgrounds and cover a wide variety of themes. They’ll teach you how to:

  1. Discuss the function and value of design within your organization with non-designers and business leaders in order to drive investment in people and process.
  2. Instill a design culture in your business through small experiments that drive results.
  3. Include stakeholders in your design process and progress.
  4. Generate confidence in your team and others as they engage problems using the design process.

Below is a clip from the first episode with Wealthfront VP of Design Kate Aronowitz to air on TechCrunch Monday, March 13, at 8 a.m. PT.

Editor’s note: Watch out for High Resolution episodes every Monday on TechCrunch at 8 a.m. PT.