Android newbie HMD’s Nokia 8 flagship lets you livestream ‘frontbacks’

Rebooting the venerable Nokia smartphone brand has not been a rush job for HMD Global, the Foxconn-backed company set up for the purpose of licensing the Nokia name to try to revive the brand's fortun

Frontback Is Back With A New Team

It's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the Frontback community right now. On July 23rd, the company <a href="

Selfie App Frontback To Shut Down On August 15th After Two Years

It was a simple premise during the height of the selfie hype: take a photo of yourself as well as what’s in front of you. It was called a “frontback.”

Selfinception: Frontback Adds Selfie Comments

All your selfies are belong us. Popular photo-sharing app Frontback just received a major update. You will now be able to leave comments on a Frontback post — but not just text comments. With Fr

Photo-Sharing App Frontback Comes To Android

Frontback just released the Android version of its popular photo-sharing app. Previously, the app was only available on iOS. But even with just the iPhone app, the app was downloaded one million times

Frontback Update Adds Better User Profiles

Photo-sharing app Frontback just received an update in the App Store. The company revamped user profiles to make them a little more informative. Now, you can see an avatar, the nickname and full name,

These Selfie Apps Refuse To Die

Anyone can create a self-portrait. Hell, we've been painting them since the stone age. But it's the way you share them that can be special. Are selfies narcissistic? Sure. Can they be annoying? Yes, i

How Frontback Is Getting Popular in Japan

While today’s update is a significant one for photo-sharing app Frontback, something unexpected is happening as well — Frontback is blowing up in Japan, China and Brazil. In fact, the app

Frontback Update Adds Photo Booth-Like Timer, Notifications & Localizations

Photo-sharing app Frontback just received a brand new update in the App Store. The two main new features are a new notification screen and the addition of a timer in the photo-taking screen. This way,

From A Failing Product To A Successful Video-Sharing App, Mindie Raises $1.2 Million

Mindie’s story is a great tale for every aspiring entrepreneur. When I first talked with the French team, the startup wasn’t working on its viral music video app, but was working on someth

Buzzy Photo App Frontback Shuns Twitter Interest, Raises Millions Instead

<a target="_blank" href="">Frontback</a>, the photo app that lets users create composite images using the front and rear cameras on their iPhone handsets, is on a roll. Launched on

With Two Weeks Left To Live, Frontback Got Hundreds Of Thousands Of Downloads

Today at Disrupt SF, Frontback co-founder and CEO Frédéric della Faille took the stage to introduce Frontback to the world. After 200,000 downloads in a month, everybody is trying to answer this int

Frontback Update Adds User Profiles And Social Features

Fast-rising photo app Frontback just received its first major update in the App Store, bringing much-needed social features. Until now, the app didn’t have user profiles because the original ver

Frontback Is A Deeply Personal Photo-Taking App To Capture Fleeting Moments

From the team behind Checkthis, Frontback is a straightforward iPhone photo-taking app to capture the moment as it happens. You launch the app, take a photo of what you have in front of you, take a ph