LG confirms 5K MacBook display router issue, will outfit new ones with extra shielding

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Earlier this week, word got out that LG’s fancy new UltraFine 5K display was having some serious issues, becoming “become unstable” and “unusable” when placed near a router. At the time, 9to5Mac spoke to an LG support rep, who confirmed that it was a known issue and advised keeping the screen at least two meters away from a wireless router.

Today the company issued an official response to TechCrunch, confirming that the company’s engineers had looked into the issue and confirmed the problem. The statement is fairly similar to the one offered by the service rep, though the originally stated distance of two meters has been amended to a more manageable two feet (0.6 meters).

LG’s fix for the problem is similar as well: move it,

Changing the location or positioning of either the router or the display should resolve the issue. Customers continuing to experience issues with their UltraFine displays are advised to contact their nearest LG customer center for prompt service.

That’s probably a suitable solution for some, but as I type this from my small New York City apartment less than two feet from my router, I’m not sure it would be such an easy fix for me. For those who continue to experience issues after moving the monitor/router LG recommends contacting a service rep.

The monitors were released last year, priced at just under $1,000. They debuted alongside the new MacBook Pros, in lieu of Apple-branded monitors.

LG is also using the opportunity to apologize for the issue, adding that it will add better shielding to monitors made after this month. A discount on the UltraFine was extended late last year through the end of March, at which point it will revert to $1,300.

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