Google gives G Suite admins more control over security

Over three million businesses now pay for Google’s G Suite productivity apps. Today, the company is launching a number of new security features that aim to keep these businesses’ data safe on its platform.

Admins can now, for example, force their users to use physical security keys from companies like Yubico to access their data. They will also be able to manage the deployment of these keys and get usage reports. Google notes that one of the companies that are already using this feature is online payments service Stripe, which uses Security Key as an additional layer to protect its employees from phishing attempts.

With this update, Google is also expanding its data loss prevention (DLP) service beyond Gmail, which until now was the only service that supported it. Admins can now also enable DLP for Google drive. Just like its GMail counterpart, DLP for Drive will ensure that employees don’t mistakenly (or willfully) share sensitive data with anybody outside the company. To do this, admins can set up rules that look at content in documents, but also in images (using OCR).


For improved email security, G Suite now also allows enterprises to bring their own certificates for S/MIMI encryption, and the company is also making it easier to search Gmail logs with BigQuery. In addition, Enterprises that want to archive their emails outside of Gmail and Google Vault can now more easily integrate third-party services like HP Autonomy and Veritas.

As with all of Google’s recent additions to G Suite, the focus here is clearly on giving enterprises fewer reasons to host their own services or work with other providers.