More than 3M businesses now pay for Google’s G Suite

During today’s earnings call, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new milestone for the adoption of Google’s G Suite productivity tools. “G Suite achieved a significant new customer milestone last quarter,” he said. “More than 3 million paying businesses are now using G Suite to collaborate smartly and securely in the cloud.”

The last time Google announced a similar milestone was in November 2015. At that time, what was then called Google Apps for Work was being used by 2 million paying businesses.

Pichai attributed G Suite’s success — especially with enterprise customers — to Google’s ability to provide its users with a highly secure platform. He also noted that Google continues to focus on expanding the partner ecosystem around G Suite (as well as the Google Cloud Platform). “Our customers and partners are appreciating Google Cloud’s dramatically accelerated pace of product rollout as well as our responsiveness to both their needs and aspirations,” he added.

It’s no secret that Google is currently heavily focused on getting more enterprises to adopt its tools and services. This includes both its G Suite productivity tools as well as its cloud computing platform. At its Horizon event last September, the company combined all of its cloud infrastructure and productivity tools under the Google Cloud moniker.