LG takes the fun out of CES by announcing five phones ahead of time

That’s one way avoid the CES scrum – just go ahead and start making all of your announcements before the show even starts. LG will likely still have a few other tricks up its sleeve at Vegas in a few weeks, but the company picked Christmas week to start unloading its show announcements, including a quintet of new smartphones.

The set it pretty uninspired – so maybe LG is saving its real firepower for the actual show. Or equally likely, for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few weeks later – a much bigger event for handsets than CES, which has turned into much more of a TV and washing machine event for many big name electronics makers.

The most intriguing of the bunch is the Stylus 3, LG’s budget take on the Galaxy Note series, which could have a bit more appeal for users given that Samsung’s device is out of commission for the foreseeable future. That one’s got a middling 5.7 inch display, octa-core process and a 3,200mAh battery, which is removable – a bit of a signature on LG’s recent offerings that sets it apart from much of the rest of the industry.

There are four other phones on the list, all variants on the company’s budget K line of handsets. The K10 is the top of the heap with a 5.3-inch display, fingerprint scanner, Android 7.0 on-board and the same process as the new Stylus.

And for good measure, the company also took the wraps off a bunch of 4K monitors also set to debut at the show. Surprises are overrated anyway.