LG is bringing a little floating speaker to CES

LG’s apparently not much for surprises at this year’s CES. The company has already announced a number of the devices it plans to debut at the show, including a bunch of smartphones and monitors.

Maybe it’s still got enough up its sleeve to present some legit excitement – then again, maybe it’s holding back the big phone announcements for Mobile World Congress. One thing we can say for sure, however – it’s definitely going to have a levitating speaker at the show.

The PJ9 isn’t the first Bluetooth speaker to combine music playing with floating. We’ve actually seen a number of companies give the odd space a go – including one that had the decided advantage of looking like the Death Star, which seems to be all the rage with Galactic Empires, these days.

As for what LG’s unit does offer – you get 360-degree sound emanating from a “turbine blade-inspired design.” The subwoofer is built into what looks to be a fairly large base station, which also houses the electromagnets for the aforementioned levitation.

The speaker is IPX7 water resistant and features a battery that promises 19 hours on a charge. Perhaps best of all, when the charge runs low, the speaker slowly descends onto the base station and fills its own battery back up. No word yet on pricing or availability.