Level Frames launches AI photo filters so you can be artsy IRL

Prisma has made quite an impression on the tech world, and Level Frames is looking to capitalize on the trend.

The YC-backed company, which offers custom framing of physical artwork via an easy-to-use website, has developed its own AI photo filters for Level users.

Level works by letting users upload their posters, art, or even their digital photos, and choose a frame, matting, etc. that looks best with the piece. The website allows users to see what their art would look like in various options to make the best choice.

Founder and CEO Josh Hubball said that Level noticed an uptick in the amount of Prisma-style photos going through the platform, and decided to create their own filters for their users.

Using Level’s AI filters, users can upload photos from multiple sources (Facebook, Dropbox, Camera Roll), and Level offers a higher-quality resolution for the photo than users would get going through a third-party app like Prisma. Plus, users can crop the photo for different aspect ratios beyond a square, and get prints up to 36 x 36 inches.

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Since launching in February of 2015, Level has gone on to launch their own frames, as well as a “Buy It Framed” button for artists and other ecommerce platforms where art/posters are sold.

The company says it has grown 15 percent month over month over the past year, and that it plans to reach profitability by early next year.

You can check out Level Frames for yourself right here.