YC-Backed Level Frames Launches Because All Art Deserves Its Frame

Wall art is relatively easy to acquire. You buy posters at concerts, prints from random stores, or even buy the street art that is sold on the curb. Most times, the art itself is pretty cheap and you end up with stacks of rolling tubes piled in a corner. Why? Because finding a nice frame for your art is a total pain.

Local frame shops can be overwhelming, and even then the prices are exorbitant. Plus, you never know what it will actually look like. But YC-backed Level Frames is launching to solve that mess through tech.

Level is an online platform that allows anyone to find the right frame, at the right size, and even get an idea of how the art will look in different frames. Level then handles packaging and shipping and can, in some circumstances, get your frame to you within two business days.

It works like this:

When you first get on Level, you simply enter the dimensions of your chosen art and start browsing. You can check out various frames, mattes, etc. and even upload a picture of your art to get a feel for how it will look. Level works with a local framer to handle all of its inventory, and has developed its own design for frames.

“We’ve learned that too much choice can really deter people from making a decision,” said Level cofounder Josh Hubball. That said, Level has a few different styles to choose from with various matting options.

But Level goes far beyond the simple frame. In fact, Level is more of a platform.

The website also has special store fronts for artists who would like to sell their work framed, and Level also offers a “Buy It Framed” button for different ecommerce platforms to add into their own stores. With a few lines of code, anyone from an Etsy dealer to an Urban Outfitters can add a button to their site so that users can buy art and go directly into Level’s customized framing tools.

And if that weren’t enough, Level offers a campaign platform where artists can sell a limited edition print or print size on the platform.

Level is launching out of the Y Combinator accelerator, and if you’d like to learn more, you can head over to the website right here.

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