The TC Disrupt NY Battlefield Finalists are Bark, Beam, BitPagos, Ritual, SeaDrone, and WaterO

Thus far at TC Disrupt NY, we’ve seen a handshake stalemate between IAB’s Randall Rothenberger and AdBlocker’s Till Faida. We’ve seen the Siri founders debut the next-generation of voice powered AI with And we’ve seen Fred Wilson talk about New York. Twice.

Tomorrow, we have a star-studded lineup that includes the likes of Jessica Alba, Carmelo Anthony and Soledad O’Brien.

But no matter how shining the stars of our speaker list are, nothing compares to the bright lights of the Battlefield Stage.

Twenty companies have launched in the Battlefield and now it’s time to announce the finalists. Without any further ado, here are the six companies who will present tomorrow in front of John Borthwick (Betaworks), Charles Hudson (Precursor Capital), Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), Susan Lyne (BBG Ventures), Matthew Panzarino (TechCrunch) and Alan Patricof (Greycroft Ventures):


Bark is a service focused on striking the right balance between respecting a child’s privacy and keeping them safe from the many dangers of an online profile. Bark ties together many of the main social networking services to look for signals of bullying, predators, mental health issues and sexting, without sharing every single message sent between a child and their friends.

Beam Interactive

Beam is a platform that ties in with the growing world of e-sports to offer a low-latency chat platform for live streamed games. But beyond that, Beam lets viewers actually interact with the games by measuring the general intent of all of the comments to play along with the live streaming gamer. You can think of it as a Twitch WePlay that actually works.


BitPagos uses the blockchain to enable credit for online payments in emerging markets, which often have unstable currency. Folks in these markets don’t have access to credit cards, and thus, can’t make online purchases. Through BitPagos blockchain-based alternative, people can make online purchases and pay through their bank account or at numerous physical locations.


Ritual is reinventing your daily vitamin. Most vitamins have tons of ingredients that most people don’t actually need, based on outdated nutritional data. Alongside updated ingredients to help today’s consumer, they have a unique capsule that bypasses your stomach and directly enters the blood stream.


SeaDrone has created an ultra-affordable underwater drone to monitor fishing nets and other submerged commercial equipment, a job normally done by professional divers that have to record their findings to paper, which are then translated to digital. Moreover, the SeaDrone has multi-directional propulsion to stand its ground in strong currents.


WaterO uses reverse osmosis, the gold standard in water filtration, to bring clean water to families. This normally costs an exorbitant amount, forces users to tear out their plumbing, and wastes around 80 percent of water. Plus, renters can’t use it. But with WaterO, only around 20 percent of water is wasted with no re-tooling of the plumbing at a $399 price point for the hardware.