Glow Debuts A New App For Tracking Baby’s Milestones, Plus Plans For Premium Services

Glow, the company behind a suite of apps for tracking female and male fertility, pregnancy, menstruation, and sexual health, is again expanding its lineup with the launch of an application for new parents: Glow Baby. The app allows its users to track baby’s key developmental milestones, including things like when the baby first lifts its head, grabs with both hands, smiles, makes eye contact, sits up, and much more.

Of course, babies tend to hit these milestones at their own pace – some earlier than others. But having a general sense of whether or not the child is progressing can help alert parents to problems. For example, if a baby isn’t responding to his or her own name at some point, it could indicate they have trouble hearing. If baby is missing milestones by a wide margin, parents will likely want to bring up the subject with their child’s doctor.

The problem for parents is that, especially in that first year, there are a lot of milestones to keep track of – it can be overwhelming.


The Glow Baby app can help with that, as it lists 101 specific developmental stages based on CDC data and medical advisors’ input.

One notable name contributing his insight to the new app is the notable author of “Baby 411” and top pediatrician, Dr. Brown. She created exclusive content for Glow Baby and is on the board of medical advisors, along with Dr. John Palma, a pediatrician at Stanford.

While the focus is on milestone tracking, the app isn’t just a digital reference book – parents can also record the events with a date and a photo, similar to a baby journal. These photos can be later used to create albums or shared with friends and family.

The app additionally allows parents to record illnesses and baby’s growth, including weight, length, head size and body mass index, as well as feeding schedules, diaper changes, and sleep.

And if you just need support, Glow Baby’s built-in community lets you connect with other parents right in the app.

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Another big plus is that both parents – not just mom – can use the app through a feature that lets another person assist with milestone tracking. That’s a benefit to Glow’s app over a number of the other baby trackers and journals on the market today, which seem to take the antiquated position that the only person who cares about these sorts of things is the mother.

In addition to announcing the new application, which completes the lineup – covering every phase of reproductive health from the period to the baby – Glow also unveiled plans to generate revenue from its applications.

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The company says it will be launching premium services in Glow Nurture, Glow, Eve by Glow and then Glow Baby to follow.

The services will involve offering users “comparative insights,” meaning showing numbers on users’ most recent trends and showing you how users’ numbers look compared to the rest of the Glow population.

Glow says it will partner with publishers of highly curated content, to offer exclusive content to its premium subscribers and offer private messaging and personalization features. The company will begin with Nurture because it has an 80%+ conversion rate from Glow to Nurture‚Äč.

It will be a $3.99 monthly subscription.

The move comes at a time where the Glow community has reached a sizable footprint – the company reports it has helped with 200,000 pregnancies and reached 3 million users – up nearly 200 percent from last year.

The Glow Baby app will be available today on iOS and Android as a free download.