These Are The Most-Watched Vines Of The Year

Vine, Twitter’s social platform for six-second looping video, just turned three.

The company says that over 200 million people watch Vine videos (either on mobile or on the web) each month. But what are all those people actually watching?

In celebration of time’s eternal trench forward, Vine has curated the most-watched (looped) Vines throughout the third year of the company:

Some are funny.

Some are serious.

A few of them are things that originally aired on television.

But most of them include children being funny and/or getting injured.

While Vine remains a great platform to share bite-size video, the company has also introduced features (Vine Music, Remix, etc.) that allow for the explosion of trends.

Ever heard someone say “On fleek”? What about the Shmoney Dance or The Whip? Vine is where some popular bits of pop culture have started, and the company will introduce a new website dedicated to trends over the lifetime of Vine starting tomorrow.

For this past year, however, here are some of the vines that started the biggest trends of the past year:

What Are Those?
Why You Always Lying?
Duck Army
John Cena

Which leads to awesome sauce like this video: