Vine ❤️ Music

Vine, the six-second looping video app from Twitter, has today announced a significant feature update that brings more attention to the audio in users’ videos.

Starting tomorrow (Friday), Vine users will have more control over their vines with the ability to add music to their content.

While it was previously possible to add music to vines by using a separate device to play the music, the app will now let users add their own tracks or sounds directly from their phone to their vines.

But it goes beyond that.

Since Vine videos (from the beginning) have looped, it can be difficult to add music to a Vine and have it loop in a way that isn’t aurally jarring. That’s why Vine is introducing Snap to Beat, a feature that lets users match up the music they add to a vine in a way that loops perfectly (where you can’t hear the change from one loop to another).

Essentially, Snap To Beat determines how much of the music is necessary to create a perfect loop and then trims the video accordingly.

Of course, Snap To Beat is an option that users can choose to ignore and simply add music or sound effects the way that they want to.

Alongside the ability to add music, Vine is also making it easier to discover music on Vine. The company is adding a new “Featured Tracks” section to the app. Users can choose to add music from their own phone or from the “Featured Tracks” section of the app when creating, as well.

Plus, users who are viewing vines within the app can now see which song is being played in that specific vine by simply tapping the music icon on that content. Before this feature introduction, users had to rely on the creator to either specify the song within the caption or respond to a question about it in the comments section.

Anyone who creates amateur video (who doesn’t these days?) knows how much of a difference audio control makes. By giving users the ability to easily add music to their vines, you can expect to see even more high-quality content on the Vine app.

According to the blog post, Vine has also surpassed more than 200 million people that watch Vines regularly, with options to watch on the app or on