Deezer Introduces Family Plan, $16 For Up To 6 People

Shortly after indefinitely postponing its IPO, music streaming startup Deezer just announced a new family plan to keep up with the competition. You can now subscribe to a family plan for €14.99 per month ($16). For this price, you get six different profiles so that you can get sepratate playlists and music recommendations for each profile.

For now, the option is only available to Orange clients in France, but I’m sure other clients will get the option soon. As a reminder, like on other streaming services, a standalone account costs €9.99 per month.

This move shouldn’t come as a surprise as Apple introduced a family plan for its newly launched service, Apple Music. For $14.99, you also get six different profiles.

Google announced a similar offering at its latest press conference. Later this year, Google Play Music subscribers will be able to switch to a new family plan. Just like Apple Music, Google’s family plan supports six profiles.

Other music streaming companies offer family plans but aren’t as generous. For instance, Spotify lets you get another Premium account for an additional $5 per month. So two accounts cost $14.99, three accounts cost $19.99, etc. Rdio was the first streaming company to offer family plan back in 2011. But it is also shutting down

In order to boost family plans, Deezer also announced a couple of new features. Deezer Kids lets you create a profile for a young kid. You won’t find the latest pop hits. Instead, your kid will be able to stream audio books and lullabies. The company will have to find content in many different languages to launch Deezer Kids in other countries.

Finally, you can use Deezer to play a family mix compiling your family’s favorite songs. It should make long car rides easier when you have teenagers sitting in the back.