Google Introduces Google Play Music Family Plan, $14.99 For Up To 6 People

Google is expanding its Google Play Music service with a new family plan. The company announced at its big event today that families will be able to subscribe to Google Play Music for $14.99. For this price, you get six different profiles so that you can get music recommendations that work for your tastes. These plans will be available “later this year.”

It looks like Google was aiming for the same price as Apple Music. As a reminder, Apple Music works the exact same way as you can subscribe to Apple Music for your entire family for $14.99. And yes, just like Google Play Music, Apple Music family plans work for up to six people.

Google Play Music is available in 58 countries on Android and iOS. You can also stream songs using your web browsers, a Chromecast, an Android TV device and other players. This is key to understanding Google’s advantage with this service.

Apple Music works great if you only use Apple devices. Google Play Music works on your Android phone and your iPad. Other competitors, such as Spotify, aren’t as generous when it comes to family plans. You can get 50 percent off extra Spotify accounts. So it would cost you $14.99 for two accounts, $19.99 for three accounts, etc.

Now, Google has been playing catch up in the music streaming game. Spotify and Rdio have been around for a long time, and many have opted for these two services before Google Play Music became available. But maybe this new family plan will lure Spotify customers away.