Dropbox Now Lets You Edit PDF Files While On The Go

Dropbox says that, starting now, customers will be able to edit PDF files saved into their Dropbox accounts while using iOS applications, with support for Android set to arrive in the near future. This improved support for working with the popular file format comes on the heels of Dropbox’s partnership with Adobe, announced last month, which included Dropbox’s integration into Adobe’s Document Cloud, among other things.

Before today, Adobe and Dropbox had already rolled out support for working with PDFs from the Adobe app on the desktop. That is, in addition to opening and viewing files, any edits you made to your files would automatically be saved to your Dropbox when complete.

Now this same sort of integration is live in Dropbox’s iOS applications, as well. That means users will be able to annotate or comment on their PDF files stored in Dropbox, or even electronically sign a PDF using the Acrobat Reader app, and have their changes saved back in Dropbox.

Support for Android will arrive early next year, says the company.

To use the new feature, iOS users on iPhone or iPad only have to click the “Edit” button after first opening the PDF file they need to make changes to from within the Dropbox iOS app. This will open Adobe Acrobat Reader on your mobile device.

The added integration makes sense for both companies as many of Adobe’s customers are already using Dropbox as their file storage solution of choice, while Dropbox is trying to better cater to its business user base who wants more seamless ways not only to store and share files, but also collaborate on them and edit them, too.

In fact, Dropbox just last month made a significant move in terms of entering the document collaboration space when it announced the launch of Paper, a Google Docs competitor that’s something of a shared whiteboard that also offers support for checklists, rich media embeds, @mentions, and more.

A partnership focused on document editing is not unique for Dropbox, however. The company previously teamed up with Microsoft to offer support for editing Microsoft Office files. Office document editing has been available on Dropbox mobile, too, thanks to a similar integration with Office’s mobile apps.