Azendoo Grabs $1.5 Million For Its Collaboration Platform For Marketing Teams

French startup Azendoo just raised $1.5 million from TheFamily, Thibault Poutrel and Arnaud Vinciguerra. Since I last covered the startup, the product has changed quite a bit. Azendoo is now an internal collaboration platform for marketing teams.

“We decided to focus on a unique core of users with people working in marketing,” co-founder and CEO Grégory Lefort told me. “There are three categories, agencies, marketing departments and designers. Around half of our sales are for teams in these three areas.”

At heart, Azendoo is a collaborative todo list tool reminiscent of Asana or Producteev. You can assign tasks, comment and attach files in a unified interface.

Azendoo also provides an inside Yammer-like feed to talk with your team. Some teams might use both features, while others might already use Slack and leverage the Slack integration. One of Azendoo’s key strengths is its integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote and more.

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Azendoo now has 300,000 users and wants to quadruple that number in the next twelve months. Today’s funding round will let the company staff up its sales team and work on its mobile app. You can also expect more integrations in the future with MailChimp, Mention and many tools that marketing teams already use. Finally, the company recently added Twitter-style direct messages.

“Clients are still looking for solutions that let them send less emails and plan more easily,” Lefort said. “We try to avoid complexity — Azendoo manages your tasks and your projects very easily. It can manage your communication if you want.” It seems like Azendoo is targeting a niche, but it could thrive in this niche as bigger competitors try to do it all.