Azendoo Lets You Collaborate On Tasks And Documents Between Multiple Services

Azendoo is not yet another task manager — it’s the glue that brings together all the services that you already use. The French startup took another approach to task and document management by focusing on third-party integrations.

Let’s say you use Evernote for your to-do lists. Your coworker can assign a task to you in Azendoo, and the service will seamlessly add it to your Evernote account. Whenever you mark the task as done in Evernote, Azendoo will reflect the change on its platform.

In other words, Azendoo is able to turbocharge Evernote with task collaboration. The startup recently won an Evernote Platform Award.

Similarly, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox users can collaborate on the same document — Azendoo will sync the file between these services.

“Azendoo is much more than a shared to-do list,” co-founder and CEO Grégory Lefort told me in a phone interview. “We provide a cross-platform service that syncs all your data.”

Currently, most people use multiple to-do list platforms, such as personal apps like Evernote and Wunderlist, professional services like Asana and Producteev, and even emails and post-it notes. At the very beginning, Azendoo competed directly with existing to-do apps. But it wasn’t very effective because users already had a Box account, an Evernote account, etc.

The team quickly realized that it was more interesting to become the central puzzle piece that holds everything together and removes pain points rather than to convince potential users that they should switch to another service to store their to-do data and documents.

Azendoo currently integrates with Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google and Skype. The startup now has 240,000 users, including people working for Nike and Coca-Cola, people studying at Stanford and more. Some integrations aren’t as effective as the Evernote one, but the company will improve existing integrations to make it work better.

If an integration is not seamless and thorough, it’s not good enough. “We don’t want to create a service for other tech startups. We want people working in marketing, support, sales, education and non-profit to use Azendoo,” Lefort said. Right now, it’s a pretty nifty product with a lot of potential.