LaunchKit Now Helps Developers Keep Track Of Their App Store Sales

LaunchKit, which aims to give developers a tool set that makes launching new apps easier, announced its newest service this week. The free LaunchKit App Store Sales Reporter helps developers track the sales they generate from Apple’s App Store (just like its name implies).

Instead of building a complex dashboard that developers can then obsess about every day, the team decided to use Slack and/or a daily email to keep users up to date on their sales.

“The LaunchKit team built Sales Reporter because we wanted a simple way to get iTunes Connect sales data into the place our team communicated all the time: Slack,” LaunchKit founder Brenden Mulligan tells me. “After a simple setup, the free tool starts posting sales data into Slack daily.”

slack-v30aeed81e46dThe service mostly focuses on the basics: downloads and revenue. The team also made sure that its emails are uncluttered and easy to read on mobile.

“The emails we had gotten in the past looked terrible on a mobile device and contained a lot of unnecessary info,” said Mulligan. “So we made it look nicer.” New reports appear every morning, right after iTunes Connect makes the latest sales data available to developers (typically before 7 a.m. PT).

info-vaf86f210fec5The Sales Reporter tool is the third service in LaunchKit’s toolbox. Previously, the company launched its Review Monitor tool for keeping track of user reviews and Screenshot Builder for quickly generating the kind of screenshots developers need to submit apps to the App Store.

Mulligan tells me that the two existing services now have over 7,500 users, split evenly between the two existing services. Its users are tracking over 14,000 apps and the screenshotting tool has been used for 25,000 screenshots for over 7,000 apps. Mulligan says the team, which also includes Taylor Hughes and Riz Sattar, plans to add more features and support for more devices to Screenshot Builder in the near future.