Amazon’s Apple Watch App Will Let You Shop From Your Wrist

Though online retailer Amazon wasn’t among one of the many applications Apple introduced this week as coming soon to its new wearable device, the Apple Watch, the company does have an Apple Watch version of its mobile shopping app in the works, we understand. The shopping app will allow consumers to search for products and even buy them from their wrist using Amazon’s 1-Click ordering system.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Amazon will address the forthcoming mobile platform – after all, the company tends to release a version of its shopping app on almost any viable mobile or connected platform, not just its own Kindle hardware. And it already has an Android Wear (i.e., smartwatch) version of its shopping app in the wild, so it makes sense that it would build the Apple Watch counterpart, too.

In fact, our understanding is that the Apple Watch version of the Amazon shopping app will operate just like the current Amazon app for Android Wear. That means it will support the ability to search for items using your voice, save products to your Amazon Wishlist, and even the ability to check out quickly using Amazon’s 1-Click ordering. (Oh, this could be dangerous, I think.)

The retailer, however, is not officially confirming the details around its new Apple Watch app at this time, but instead is only hinting that such a thing is in the works. A company spokesperson told us the only statement they’re offering for now is as follows:

“Amazon is constantly innovating on behalf of our customers. We are committed to being anywhere customers want to shop. That includes watches. We have an Amazon shopping app for Android Wear and will look to expand to other devices.”

“Other devices” essentially confirms Amazon’s plans to release an Apple Watch app, if you read between the lines, of course.

(Note: Above image is a mock-up.)