What It’s Like To Order An Uber From Your Apple Watch


At today’s Apple event in San Francisco, VP Kevin Lynch ran through what it’ll be like to call an Uber from your wrist.

When you open the Uber app on your Apple Watch, it goes straight to a screen showing how long it’ll be until a car can come get you — no pulling out your phone to drop pins or choose between Uber X, Uber Pool, or black car service.


Once you’ve given that big button a tap, the app confirms that it’s looking for a ride and shows where it thinks you want to be picked up, giving you a chance to cancel if your phone sent the wrong location data.


Once you’ve got the car confirmed, you can watch its arrival progress via a tiny map as well as double-check the driver’s face and car from a single screen:

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As TechCrunch co-editor Matt Panzarino wrote on Friday, the Apple Watch is about reducing the time you spend on your phone by simplifying most of the steps we think of as normal today. As Uber and the other apps shown today demonstrate, that means cutting away the structure of apps and leaving the actual actions — liking posts, sending quick messages and ordering your ride.