Media Temple Expands Its WordPress Hosting Service

Media Temple, the popular GoDaddy-owned web hosting service, today announced an expansion of its dedicated WordPress hosting service. Media Temple first launched dedicated WordPress hosting almost exactly a year ago. At the time, it only offered a single $29/month plan. Starting today, the company is launching a set of new plans starting at $20/month that target individuals, as well as design and development shops, and enterprises.

As Media Temple’s VP of Product Brian Kuhn told me earlier this month, the company decided to make these changes because the team realized that it wasn’t able to service the whole range of potential customers with its old approach. If Media Temple wants to be able to capture a wider range of customers from competing services like Pantheon, WP Engine and others, it needs to offer more flexible plans.

Now, the Individual plan starts at $20/month. This includes 30GB of SSD-backed storage, supports up to 400,000 visitors per month and the ability to host two sites. The new Studio plan costs $60/month (with 100GB of storage, 2 million monthly visitors and support for 10 sites) and the new Agency plan starts at $240/month (500GB of storage, 10 million visitors and 50 sites). On top of that, Media Temple will also offer custom enterprise plans for users who need more features (or just a bit more hand-holding). All but the Individual plan include additional security features like automated malware removal, domain registrations and SSL certificates. For the most part, these are pretty aggressive prices with relatively high limits compared to many of the competing services.


Media Temple also offers a number of developer-friendly features like Git and SSH support. The company also recently launched an updated onboarding process and management panel, as well as three new exclusive WordPress themes.

Interestingly, the company has decided to bundle these Studio, Agency and enterprise plans with Google Apps for Work accounts (2 for Studio subscribers and 5 for those who get the Agency plan). Kuhn argued that this is a great fit for Media Temple’s users. Many customers who want to buy web hosting, after all, are also looking for services that can handle some of their other business needs like email.

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