Moov Fitness Tracker Adds 7 Minute+ Workout Coach For Folks Who Hate The Gym

Three years ago, wearables were the new, new thing. There were only a few wearable fitness trackers available on the market, and each was exciting and fresh compared with familiar technology like smartphones and tablets. Today, you can’t bat an eyelash without spotting a Jawbone Up or a FitBit or a Garmin.

Which is why each of these products needs something special. With Moov, the fitness tracker that passed its $40k funding goal in just over an hour, has today added a new feature to set it apart.

The Moov will now offer a 7 Minute+ Workout Coach on Android. The 7 Minute+ Workout made its way into the mainstream last year as a way for folks to get a solid workout without having access to any equipment or a gym. Using a chair, a wall, and your own body weight, the 7 Minute+ Workout covers all of its bases for cardio and weight training without any equipment.

With the Moov, users who participate in the 7 Minute+ Workout will have access to a special ‘coach’ which gives audio rep counting, video instruction, on-screen instructions and a timer. The Moov also uses powerful 9-axis sensors and AI to understand your exact movements and help with form.

Moov made a name for itself launching with various modes for different sports, so that users could accurately track the difference between swimming, cycling, boxing, running, etc. The Moov pays attention to form and speaks tips audibly while you’re working out to improve form and avoid injuries.

With the 7 Minute+ integration, the Moov goes beyond the redundant workout to unlock new levels in the system. This pushes users to continue improving by unlocking new levels and harder reps, rather than having them repeat the same workout over and over.