Facebook, Now With Over 2 Million Active Advertisers, Launches Ads Manager App For iOS

Facebook today rolled out a new mobile application designed to help the company’s now over 2 million active advertisers manage their ads from their smartphone. The app, called Facebook Ads Manager, is initially available on iOS, and allows its users to create and edit ads, track spending, view ad results, receive ad-related notifications, and more.

These notifications can alert advertisers to things like ads that are coming up for expiration, when you’re nearing a spending limit, or other ad performance metrics, like Page Likes or how your ad it compares to other similar ad sets.

The app’s simple interface also makes it possible to design ads from start to finish directly on your phone by selecting photos from your phone or pulling in Page posts, writing the ad text, and then targeting your desired audience using sliders and buttons to narrow down that audience by demographic information.



In addition, users can edit their ad budgets and schedules in the app, and update their payment methods as need be.

And if you get distracted while in the middle of creating an ad, the new app will allow you to save the ad as a draft in order to return to it later.

Facebook Ads Manager comes on the heels of last summer’s launch of the Ads Manager mobile website, the company says, which has grown to be used by over 800,000 advertisers each month. To better address the needs of this heavily mobile advertiser base, Facebook took much of the functionality available on the web and made it available in a native mobile format.

The app is launching today in the U.S. only, but will roll out worldwide over the next few weeks, says Facebook. An Android version is also in the works and will launch later this year.

Facebook’s has been focused on improving its ad tools in recent months – something that has allowed the company to grow its average ad revenue from each of its 206 million U.S. and Canadian users 24% in Q4 2014 from $6.64 to $8.26, despite only small increases in the user base itself. As TechCrunch previously noted, the improved ad targeting functions have allowed Facebook to grow the ad revenue around 25 times faster than its user count in this market.