Tailor Brands Raises $1.1 Million in Seed Funding To Build Out Its Automated Design Process

The algorithmic logo design startup Tailor Brands has raised $1.1 million in seed funding from Disruptive Fund and various angel investors.

We first wrote about the beta launch of Tailor Brands at Disrupt San Francisco this past fall. It tested various branding concepts in beta. It’s now ready to use the new funding to build upon those concepts and for the public to access its logo and design services.

The goal of the startup is to reduce the cost of design by letting a machine create the look of logos and various branding items. These include business cards, bags, mugs, pens and various online materials such as social media profiles for smaller businesses that can’t afford to hire a graphic designer to do the work.

A graphic artist might charge anywhere from $1000 on the lower end to upwards of $10,000 for the design of all branding material, depending on the job. The Tailor Brands site will design and let you download the logo for free for your own use. It will also allow you to have unlimited revisions to that logo for free.

The money is made when you want designed assets and higher resolution images. Higher resolutions and storage of the logo on the Tailor Brands site starts at $24 for one job and go up to $99 for a complete package of business cards, higher resolution images and social media profile designs. Compare that to ordering business cards from a site like Moo at $19.99. Moo will design the cards for you using pre-made stock designs and then adding your information in after. Note that Tailor Brands provides the design but will not actually make and ship the cards to you.

The startup has so far done business in over 35 countries since its launch at Disrupt, according to Tailor Brands CEO Yali Saar.

This has helped set the company up for both funding and some runway to build out the business. Saar says he and his co-founders plan to use the new funds to hire more designers and to build out the services offered such as app design. Though he says Tailor Brands is experimenting with a lot of different ideas.

“Basically anything that can be designed we want to do,” he says.